Myteam help

Should I go for PD Curry or Kyrie?
Either PD Kyrie at starting point guard and diamond Curry at bench point or diamond Kyrie starting point and PD Curry at bench point

Thanks in advance!

Pd curry is far better

Witht the difference in stats and HOF badges, unless you really love Kyrie, I’d go with Curry.

Yeah I think I will go with Curry. Thanks for the link. Besides, I still will have diamond kyrie. Diamond kyrie and Pd Kyrie are nearly the same anyways right?

They’re pretty close. If you can manage to get PD LeBron, he has a duo with diamond Kyrie that makes him a PD.

Yeah that’s not happening😂 his price is insane

You think Curry’s price will dip even more like Dirks did or no?

Yeah, it’ll go lower.

Whatcha suspect is a good price to purchase?

All depends how patient you are. Weigh the difference between saving some MT and waiting a couple days for a good snipe.