MyTeam has turned into nothing but SF's & C's that can do it all

I don’t have too much of a problem with these 6’9 & 6’11 demigods that are playing pg, but for them to not suffer in shooting or ball handling or lateral quickness is depressing. My GO CP3 is only good for spot up 3’s and passing, and is completely useless on defense. PD MJ even feels like he’s undersized in myteam now.

The standard lineup is looking a lot like this now:


If 2k had come out with this shot contest patch when the game was fresh, myteam would’ve been a legitimately fun game to play in.


I thought about using my Opal Cp3 again, but then remembered what mode I’m on.


I think a lot of people are using power forwards at the three and even at point guard. Guys like Karl Malone.


Just run what you want to run with players you like and don’t take it too seriously, that’s my advice


Hard truth

Good advice, indeed. This has made the game at least bearable for me lately. With everyone running an oop player shit show, off ball full court press, and zig zagging behind and around screens, this game was driving me fucking nuts. I finally just stopped caring, and if I run into a super coward cheeser, I just move on to the next one.

I used to like to play this game for competition, as for a former athlete who is a little older now, it is convenient to still find the competitive juices in such things as video games, but this shit is broken on so many levels. Now I just try to find some good opponents that I actually enjoy playing against.


Unless we are talking about off ballers… Then I’ll get heated during the game but move on as soon the buzzer sounds, hahah

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Thon Maker today is the best weapon to kill the realism.

It has been like this since 2k17 before then positions were much more balanced.

This is the equivalent of madden making offensive/defensive lineman a 96 speed with great hands

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I’m still running point guards, I do run a sf at the 2 and Bill Russell at the 4

But I hold myself to one up one down

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2K should be ashamed of themselves for making a game where Thon Maker and Karl Malone are speedboosting dribble gods who can capably play the point guard position.

There’s no point to using IRL dribble gods like Kyrie or Crawford if 2K’s going to continue being this generous with their ball control and speed with ball ratings.

Even after the shot contest patch there’s still no good reason to use real point guard cards in this game because of how badly they’ll get bullied inside.


And funnily enough, there were some bigs/forwards capable of dribbling well or fast, but they dont even make them that good in that department (CWebb, AD, Jokic, Wilt, Grandmama etc), while guys like Malone, Maker, Pettit, Bailey, AK47 are way better dribblers than expected. Hell, even Jamison wasnt that good dribbler.


They get bullied inside and are actually slower than a huge player that can speed boost.

CWebb ball control/ speed with ball and passing stats are a disgrace, so his player model that looks like Ray Allen.

Then we have Malone who play like 250lbs Penny Hardaway and all time greats Rubys- like Thurl, Bamba and Maker that are more usefull than PD KG.

Why is so hard to make it right 2K?

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It wouldn’t hurt gameplay if they’d remove all PGs, SGs and Cs from the game :smiley: just SFs & PFs are enough to play.

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This makes the game so much more fun. Plus it’s PD Wes Unseld as a reward this month… best time to play care free

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i’ve been using steph curry, chris paul & isiah thomas with lots of success & enjoyment

should’ve ditched the meta as soon as the $250k tourney ended


GO CP3 jumpshot animation is so slow, u basically gotta be at 3 point line with defender in the paint in order to get your jumpshot off

At this point in the cycle I’m just having fun with my favorite players.

Had a point guard duel with my Curry vs a limited Kyrie and it was the most fun I’ve had on 2K in a while. Floaters, limitless bombs, midrange pulls ups etc. It really felt more like a actual B-ball game. Nice change up from bull dozing to the rim with a 6’9 SF.