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Hey guys I just came over to 2kgamer from mtcentral and you guys are a lot more vocal. But I just wanted to get your opinions on myteam so far, from the online play to single player challenges. My opinion is I love it but don’t at the same time. I don’t play against others online because every time I’ve tried in 2K games since 14 I’ve been trash, and I’ve accepted it so I only play single player stuff. I like the new gameplay, it’s smoother and more fun to play defense, but I have been so fed up with the AI defense. I understand and even accepted it at first, but does anyone else just get tired of always guarding the ball from every AI you play against? It makes it so boring to the point all I do is high pick and fades/rolls until I get someone open. And on the other end it doesn’t even seem like it matters if you play defense, ESPECIALLY in triple threat. I’ve run up against the all time lakers with Kobe magic and Shaq and it takes me like 5 tries to beat them if I’m lucky. I remembered bodying shaq in the post once with Eaton and pushed him near the 3 point line, he faded and drained it like it was a layup, and no matter the D you play they always hit pull up mids all day everyday. It’s almost like controller breaking sometimes for me, but I’m broke so I gotta watch my temper. But anyway, TLDR what do y’all think of 2K this year? Are you happy or do you wanna see some changes? And thanks for welcoming me to the community I like to keep up to date with auction stuff and snipe but I don’t have the time to like some people, so thanks to everyone who tells us about crashes and sniping tips appreciate you dudes!


Watup man, you may already know but badges mean everything. So hit triple threat up and get some badges free if you can rack up a few wins. As far as off ballers in PVP go practice the dribble moves like the behind the back and step back which creates space so you can easily beat the AI controlled player by pulling up open or driving. Domination… there are so many youtube videos on how get through it check em out. And as far as being broke…well your in luck this year because domination, challenges and locker codes is more than enough to get your team stacked.

what else can you pull in tt packs?

diamond shoes, diamond contracks, promotional packs, coach packs, tokens…quite a lot man. Matter fact thanks for the reminder i just pulled a diamond shoe 45 mins ago i need to list lol But yeah …once you have diamond contracts on your main three players its just racking up MT every game from that point.

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Welcome to the forums

Welcome to the site, man!

As for this:

What system are you on? If you wanna hit up some friendlies to practice or just take a break from the cpu this community is great for it. You should have no problems finding a game.

Re. The cpu bullshit, you’re right. You just gotta accept it and try again. Though a good vent on the forums doesn’t hurt and will usually get you some great advice, or at the very least a good discussion :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the advice and welcomes, appreciate it. I had a question about tt, who’s your go to 3? My mains were Eddie Jones, Eaton, and Gerald Wallace. I’ve upgraded since to Petrie and AD cuz I like to have the spacing but I haven’t had the best luck since then. Should I go back to jones or try and get used to Petrie? And for AD I like his 3 but I feel like he still gets beat up too much by a big even tho he supposed to be a great defender. Other then that I just got all time Dom unlocked after raging at fantasy for a while, I’ve been holding off playing and take a break from the game.

I used to run AD/LeBron/bird and kill it. I sold AD and LeBron now I can’t find the right mix.

I just played my first tto since trying to get the AH unlocked and won, but damn the main reason it’s hard for me to get into online is the weird half second it takes to do anything, it throws me out of sync if anyone gets that