MyTeam Crash / Bluescreen / Error

As some of you know, i’ve suffered a lot from this error: CE-34788-0 Error Ps4 in 2k18. The solution was not using more than 11 diamond shoed players. This starts / started happening after the release of op cards. Now this error is back again after we starting adding more Opals to our squads, so it’s obviously not fixed.

As discussed here: Blue screens PS4
Some of us believe this is related to having 11+ diamond shoed players, 10+ opals etc…
Some of us believe there is a “total team attributes” threshold in this mode. So i decided calculating crashed squads’ overalls and need your help as well, i need a data pool.

I’ve created a spreedsheet for my squad and this one crashes: 54.935 total attributes. 8 opals, 12 diamond shoed players.

I haven’t added coach boosts but it seems it reaches 55k with the coach and this can be the number i’m looking for.

Help me find this threshold.

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The spreadsheet you create for your squad can help you change your players without getting a L or consume contracts.


Can’t open the gsheet

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Take CJ McCollum out of the lineup

It says to Request Permission to open.

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Fixed :disappointed: @jdealla

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I forgot to say, when i change opal Drob in this squad with the d Drob (both are d shoed) It does not crash. Appr -250 attributes.

I’ve running the same squad all week and this bullshit with this error only started yesterday so I don’t know what the math for it but if i put one bronze on the bench this error stops

Yeah it’s the simple solution. I’m looking for the exact reason.

Come on you lazy [language] :partying_face:
It will only take 30mins, 2 mtu games duration tops :sweat_smile:

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I doubt the amount of diamond shoes is important, possibly only the amount they are adding. I have 15 diamond shoes all the time in my lineups and never a problem.

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Yeah i agree.

It was mainly caused by them last year because attributes were not this high, also shoes were adding much more (+9 as you remember).

10+ opals is a straight error, especially if you have d shoes on most. I managed to get with 8 but my Pds are really op ones with good shoe boosts, mostly 4050+ attributes. You along with some people can use 15 diamond shoes in a mixed squad, so i’ve tried this myself as well, diamond shoe count does not matter. Also diamond contracts have nothing to do with this error.

I’m so sure it’s because of the total attributes, shoes and coach only add to that. My question is not what causes it or how we can solve it at this stage, those are kinda clear now. My problem is what is the threshold that we can go tops. Reaching to that is easier this year so i believe in 1 month many users will be here in this thread.

I have another long chat with support. Keith & Kaila to be spesific (noting names here cuz i’ve given link of this thread and don’t want to forget the names lol)
They’ll be digging this deeper. I hope we can solve this once and for all…Once people got their 3000 tokens and add +4 more opals, there will be many more users reporting this.

Could it be number of hof badges?

I don’t believe it is because it crashes when the game is searching for a matchup and as you know that relies on location & your team overall. Also it did happen in 2k18 as well where there were less hof badges. These left hof badges option out of the equation for me. But if one of the devs are reading this as i suggested, they better check this too :slight_smile:
In single player games, game doesn’t reach the screen that you see 5vs5 matchups with card art and overalls also. There is a bug / wrong code in the software that is causing this error, about the calculation of overalls, attributes etc… I think if they accept it first and i think they did after my latest application, it should not be too hard to fix the formula.

You dont have to go into mtu to test the crash, you can do it in schedule mode and weeklies as well. Makes it faster

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That’s right. I’ve been given 5+5+5 diamond contracts pack last year because i consumed A LOT testing it :slight_smile: You don’t necessarily have to get the L but you consume contracts.

That’s literally impossible. Lmao


Coach & assistant coach wearing pink Nikes :cold_face::tropical_drink:


Nah not really, i mean his playing on PC, Wilt has 5 dicks swinging around there.

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Yay, 13 then. :slight_smile:

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