MyTeam cards ratings have no sense at all

Go watch the ratings on 2kmtcentral, it’s bs and bs and bs

How opal Penny Hardaway has 77 lat quickness while diamond Jamal Crawford has 81 ? How diamond Drazen has 71 swb and 74 speed while diamond Larry Bird has 78 swb and 79 speed ? Drazen also has just 75 lateral, and PD Dirk has 74 !

You can’t tell me it’s more realistic, it’s bullshit.


Oh yeah all the ratings and badges are fucking awful on the token rewards. Absolutely awful


Pennys lat quickness is probably to nerf big PGs and keep small guys somewhat usable all year


18 badges for opal Erving


Amy Lebron has 57


That makes sense. Still so many cards with a lack of badges.

Just compare some of the PD cards badges with some of the current rubies and amys. The currents are way better

Then you look at rodman and he has like 60 perimeter D?? Dude was an animal inside and out

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Youre not lying. I peeped them all and its hot trash. Even Danny Green from dom has like 66 speed like wtf am I supposed to do with that

84 perimeter defense for Dirk. That’s more than amy Kawhi and PG

They are on crack now


That is fucked up

I swear they put absolutely 0 thought into this game. Its atrocious

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Stop crying, start glitching.

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I feel like this whole game mode is one big troll this year. Theres already like 15 glitches, the non opal token rewards are comical. you need to lock even more diamond and pd rewards to advance in the market, last yr was 5 PDs and this yr is like 7 or 8 and somehow it seems harder to get tokens this year.

I swear they played Bingo to give player’s ratings

Yer my team is just a money grab , unless I’m getting packs for free, I ain’t playing this trash :wastebasket:

I feel like alot of ppl will go back to 2k19 and the ones who already gifted away their team are in shambles

Did anyone notice that Opal AD and Wade have 32 and 47 HoF badges respectively

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teach me


I mean, they are the final rewards for collection level so that doesn’t surprise me

They will fix the badges before anyone is able to buy them, I know this is an unpopular opinion but I really like 2k20 over last year so far.

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Dirk was a blanket on perimeter D chyall talking bout?

Damn you like this game better than 2k19

Sapphire Tony Ferguson has more hof badges than amythest Sam Jones