MyTeam Card OVR Trajectory Over Cycle?

From what people are reporting, it seems we already have Ruby versions of Current players? And even Amethyst?

And some cards already have a high badge count, albeit coming only with Bronze?

I don’t understand what 2K’s game plan is, starting off the cycle so high.

Last year, there were a good number of Rubies from the Current rewards, but not more than a handful were all that good. And the only Amethysts for a while were the Dom rewards.

WTF is this cycle going to look like?


Amy/Diamonds for the season and then pink diamonds for special occasions or great performances, followed by galaxy opals for playoff performances?

Along with heat check cards being a dynamic card, correct? So a player could be a 85, but then have a streak of bad games and drop to a 80 or lower.

Pretty sure Heat Check cards don’t downgrade. They only boost stats after a great performance for 48 hours.

Maybe all heat checks start at a base of 75 or something?

It’ll be interesting. Market will be crazy.

Wonder if 2K is gonna release less promo packs this year maybe? It does seem really strange to be releasing this many higher tiered cards so early though.

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They’re not really dynamic. They’ll always have their base stats but they just get boosted after really good games for 2 days.

I think if a moments card drops like 93 Giannis, 90 heat check Giannis will get boosted to 93 for 2 days as kind of a trial

This may be a cause for concern because they will continue to release enticing and more powerful cards as the season progresses to attract new buyers and myteam players in addition to their current myteam players. To do anything otherwise would hurt their business model. The question is at what rate does the stat inflation occur and how frequently? If this is moderated then it may not be a bad thing.

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Honestly it will be really interesting to see what they do this year. Wish 2K was more like HUT and had Evolution cards!

That was their struggle last year in terms of cards being released

Why so you can get a Ric Flair card? Sorry, had to


Lol did you play HUT this year? Evo cards start lower rated but throughout the year as better versions of cards get released the Evo’s upgrade too. So you could basically get a 90 Evo in October/November and by the end of the year it could possibly be a 99 and it wouldn’t cost you anything.

I only played LUT which didnt have that. Sounds pretty much like dynamic cards from 2k16, they got rid of them so people have to buy multiple versions of the same player.

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Yeah it’s only wishful thinking. We all know how important profit is to 2K but having something like Evo cards would be awesome.

Just seems like too much, too soon. It wasn’t until right before Christmas that Amethyst Kobe dropped in 2K17.

If this means that we get cards around Christmas or even January/February that are legit endgame-quality, then that’s great.

But I think we all know this will fly in face of their model.

Which makes me suspect that the final few months of the game will be even more absurd, in terms of card juicing, than 2K18.

Most of these amethysts and rubys available right now arent anything special. For example ruby paul george is almost identical with last years emerald version.

You guys would know better than myself since you have the game already but it sounds like they are masking emeralds and sapphires with ruby/Amy covers?

I feel like everybody loving all the PD’s in 2K18 made 2K change their strategy. They know that everyone wants to play with OP teams sooner rather than later so maybe their plan is to make the bulk of their profit by All-Star weekend this year instead of trying to stretch it throughout the summer again?