Myteam big men

So I haven’t played much this year but pulled some packs and copped some people with my preorder MT. I happened to pull amy AD and am wondering if with my mostly ruby team if I should keep or sell. I guess my real question to solve that is are big men okay to run your offense through this year? My mycareer player is a shotcreating post scorer so I know I’m not bad in the post I just want to be sure AD will be putting up numbers for me if he’s my number one option surrounded with a couple of shooters

Post play in insanely good this year, so he should do wonders for you. But. You could probably sell him pick a Z-BO for much cheaper post with him and improve other areas of the game, just a thought.


Z bo is goat. Put it this way. I have like 250 k mt and can get whoever i want and i choose zbo over amy AD everytime

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careful playing more than 1 non shooter at a time, a good player will leverage the hell out of that weakness and make it incredibly frustrating to score at times.


If your good in the post this wont matter.

I just went 3-0 so far this am. People rage quit in the 1st quarter because of Zbo and Mark Eaton…

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Absolutely not true lol.

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Lol I picked up zbo over ad too. This lineup been working for me

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See post directly above u. Also z bo can shoot the 3 so dunno what ur getting at

If you cant figure out what Im getting at then maybe you should work on comprehension. Not trying to be a dick, but its pretty clear what Im saying… he posted a lineup that included, no starters that would scare me to sag off (Yes players that are open hit shots lol but even the slightest contest drops a avg shooters % drastically), and a bench of Adams, Giannis, Smith Jr, Doncic… My suggestion (Not mentioning Zbo at all) was to be careful playing more than 1 non shooter at a time lol. I understand you have some weird love connection with Zbo and feel the need to defend him for no reason but come on.

No matter how good youre in the post, If you play 2-3 non shooters on the court, it will be living hell to score against someone who knows what they are doing. Thats what I was getting at.

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Also to say he can shoot the 3… lol come on. Yeah im sure if you pick and pop with him and he catches it in a hot spot and is wide open with a good release he can hit the 3 (by this logic though, anyone can hit a 3) but Ive seen people try to do that against me and the slightest contest or if he puts the ball on the floor, he cant hit anything. But yeah hes a nice card if you like to play in the post. I have nothing against him. Just not going to act like hes a gamebreaker

damnn himrod thats an EZ 12-0 lineup there

thanks brotha. im 4-0 right now. wouldve been 9-0 but had a disconnect and started over


Please tell me you at least loaded up a silver squad and gifted two people wins to go 9-3 and get your tokens…

I’m 7-0 right now, and should I catch an L, I’ll probably finish out the ladder for the rewards, whether with tokens or quits.

nah but i jus disconnect again -_-. im tryna get finley asap

when i meant 9-0 i mean i went 5-0 then disconnected and then won 4 again

ahhhh okay, carry on :slight_smile:

this shit jus sucks ass bro lol. i gotta use someone elses inetrnet till next week and theirs suck ass. i wouldve had finley by now

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I love the post. Just got Oden, hes a man amongst boys

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