MyTeam Anniversary Rewards

My question for those with hypotheses, opinions, or knowledge is as follows: I’ve saved an extra MT Anniversary card for each release in my auctions. Do you think that we will be able to complete the reward sets more than once?

definitely not. In saying that though, hold onto them and wait until the final drop to sell as the prices will skyrocket.

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nah. you better off selling them by tuesday you know 2k is looking to capitalize on super packs eventually. maybe even by sunday

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Thank you both for responding. Good advice and wishful thinking on my part. Of all the sports games I play 2k is the worst at pulling elite cards. The problem is I enjoy 2k a little more than Madden but at least in Madden opening packs is fun. In 2k your punished for that ish.


The cards will only increase in value when everyone is scrambling to buy them to lock in for the End Game cards. Kobe won’t be the only one come Tuesday over 100k.

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unless super packs come out monday. i don’t expect it, but you never know with 2k. they may make kobe super common in packs and then someone else becomes the gatekeeper. they already did superpacks that included mta cards thursday. they may do ones specifically for them at any time


Thanks again for your thoughts. I’ll sit tight until Tuesday. I appreciate the generosity. Some people would act like their opinion was exposing some top secret government mission and others would ridicule. My job is stressful and rewarding but this is a way for me to relax and unwind.

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They’re not dropping MT Anniversary cards in Superpacks.

Unless they will bring MT Anniversary out. That’s my guess. Tuesday super packs and Friday the last drop of the 2 cards.

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Once the final 2 cards are released, do you guys think the prices of EG’s will drop significantly (if we get 2 choices from the current EG collection)? Even if these cards are not AH eligible, they’d still be the exact same cards, so that would make the EG cards drop a lot right?

I would think so, especially if the option packs include all 20 EGs issued this season (which I am not sure)

if all the big names are in the option packs, this should at least in theory hit the market hard

the other option would be buying just before they announce the contents of the option packs, there will probably be some panic selling/not many people willing to buy, but it would of course be risky

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That’s why I sold my Invincibles of Tacko, Giannis and Durant yesterday. They’re not End Game, but if they’re in the Option Packs, their prices will crash very hard as well. I got the cheaper versions of each, Mystic and Glitched and to set me up with over 300k for the last 2 cards this week. If End Game Tacko is an option, I’d rather the lockins I’ve done for the collections.

Who is it looking like we’ll get if the poll winners are the option cards? It’s looking like Kareem, but who were the other ones who won before him?

What poll winners? I’m pretty up to date with everything, but I definitely didn’t see any poll. Unless I’m wrong, we’re not getting a choice, only what we’re given. Plus there’s 2 more to drop, so they wouldn’t have been available to choose in any poll yet.

Each of the conference anniversary collections locks in for an end game option pack. This next part is only speculation, but it seems like the winners of the “who is your favorite player of these 4” that 2k is doing in the community tab will be added to the option pack. Again, pure speculation, but I’d put good money on the poll winners being in the option pack.

i just hope we don’t only get one from each conference because i wanted tacko and sf giannis. not many interesting players in the west for me

Unless Bol Bol comes out Tuesday and can play SF!

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Sorry, again, what poll???

First page of MyTeam. They do it each week of the year and I’ve you one token for your answer.

Think that’s just the general little poll they throw in every drop pretty sure. Not a poll for options.