Mystic Packs- PD TMac, Giannis, Hakeem πŸ’Ž Harden and Stockton



Giannis dropping :flushed:

Pack odds are gonna be trash.

going to be deluxe packs with guaranteed sapphires :slight_smile:


They know people will be ripping for the 250k qualifier.

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I needed a pg, stockton is mine!

Holy Crap!


Screw 2k :slight_smile: - no more lock-ins for me :slight_smile:

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They don’t even have VC sales anymore. I just buy mt now.


If you buy from aoeah use code raps for 3 percent off LOL

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Some BS! Tmac cant play SG we have so many sfs as it is

He can though

Good to know it has a lock-in and is 90% the main drop for the week and a promo vs Primetime’s replacement as some had speculated.
Another thing of note is they’re dropping 3 x 75th cards tomorrow - hopefully they’ll accelerate the drops and we can start seeing the lock-ins by the end of next season (when GO’s are still rare).
Taking Olajuwon off the board also removes a possible 75 lock-in card (I would hope)
Based on released collection cards and existing PDs of 75th cards, I’m estimating each decade will have 6 players.

He can play sg too

The 75 version of Giannis can hold limitless lmao, it was fun while it lasted fellas.

Strangely Dino does not look as good as he normally does. He usually looks more dominant. Zhi Zhi (never heard of him) looks interesting as a 7 footer with 89 3-point and a jump shot similar to Snow, Price, and Ainge. My main concern with the drop is that it looks like everyone has a normal release. I would have at least expected Harden or TMac to have a quick release.

OJ is finally HERE !

He absolutely will play on my team Idc about the ratings. Also Hakeem is my favorite center. I may have to lock this set smh.

I figure Maggette is likely the reward for the pre-Limited Challenge Game. Usually the reward fits in to the Limited game well. Anyone have a guess what the Limited rules might be this weekend?

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