Mystery Pack Locker Code in Email

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Is it for random people or everyone cuz I’d like that

Probably random but I would check whatever email you signed up with on 2K


Tell me what the mystery packs are like and an image of them if you can

I got nothing no email from 2k :sob:

The “mystery” pack was a pre order pack. Nothing special

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thx just find it in my email

Probably a gold player, 2 contracts and 2 silver shoes if it’s a 5 card pack.

Code sucks but it’s better than 80% of all the 2k codes out there. This one at least guarantees 2 packs, tokens, and VC.

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I guess

Nada for me.


What is the email that they sent it out from?

Don’t feel like you got hosed if you didn’t get this offer. My code, which promised “A VC value of 18,000” consisted of 10 tokens and 2 series one promo packs. I pulled bronze Ty Jerome and Emerald Andrew Wiggins. :rofl: