MyPark : They fixed the stamina bar glitch when you attain the Gym Rat badge from MyCareer

Just got Gym Ray last night and I got my extra blue bar

I’m hearing if you got gym rat before patch 5/6 then you are out of luck atm

But if you go get it right now you’ll have it

Requirements for Gym Rat:

Play 45 regular season games, you can check this by going into practice and selecting a drill to participate in if you look in the lower left hand corner you’ll see it says games played this will show you how many games you actually played.

Once you play 45 games, sim to the playoffs

Once in the playoffs, play ALL the playoff games, You can indeed sim out with VC also I actually mistakenly fouled out in the 3rd one game but I didn’t mess my progress up I would still advise not fouling out. Its best to try to sweep the playoffs.

Last but not least try to get finals mvp, I’ve heard peeps say you don’t have to but it would be best to just go ahead and try to.

All in all this badge is very worth it now

Permanent +4 to all your physicals plus a permanent Gatorade stamina blue bar

Side note: the blue bar can be doubled by buying one at the Gatorade stand and having this badge this is for the peeps that have trouble with stamina.


TL;DR I’m still fucked and still won’t get the stamina bar because I got my gym rat like a month ago?

Yup pretty much bro until they fix it

Fortunately gym rat alone is mostly enough to keep the gatorade symbol from appearing, even as a big that turbos all game in transition.

I have won enough of those daily spins for 40 gatorade boosts to keep me in forever supply so here’s hoping for a double blue bar once 2k fixes it.

Yea on a big you don’t really need extra stamina

True, but that’s not the point.
The point is that they fix everything VC related ridiculously fast and even lower VC gain for no reason, but when something needs an actual fix, it takes months. Especially since this is basically a reward for your grind.

Yeah it would be nice if 2k focused on the issues that impact players instead of the bottom line, but I’ve long since lowered my expectations.

It only took them 9!? patches to fix this one.

Question what if you win the playoffs again can you get the blue bar?

I was thinking that someone should give it a try

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