MyLeague Online Anyone? (PS4)

Been thinking about this for a while. Just played a guy running Diamond LeBron and Kirilenko at point with every great card off-ball full court press and so on and it hit me… I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s only November and the game is already feeling like 2K18 + post play. I’m not doing MyTeam anymore, it’s just not fun for me and it hasn’t really been fun since the PS3 days.

Would anyone be interested in putting together a 2KG MyLeague? I’m thinking a Fantasy Draft with all (Current, Historic, All-Time) players available done on the forums and then manually making a roster based on said draft and having a league.

Anyone interested? Until then I’m going to play MyLeague and MyCareer. I see the writing on the wall and I don’t like what I see.

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I’m down

This sounds really fun to me, I’d be interested

My kind of thing for sure.

Count me in

Absolutely, Im in. Lets make it happen

I have never played myleague, I might be interested, how does it work?

Are we using a specific roster or 2k default? Is this like a fantasy league with an elected comish?

I’m down. I think it would be a lot of fun. I’m on ps4 too. I’ve tried doing this before in madden and the league usually flops because people dont play lol. the last time I did one that worked it was in 2k12 or 13 we went like 9 seasons or something. hella fun.

@HarryLundt @kinsman. Maybe you guys can pin this so its easier for them to find players to participate in the league ??? Just a thought

100% in.

Would love to try this with a fantasy draft…even with just the current players.

Agree these tend to flop because hard to get a bunch of strangers on diff schedules and time zones to play but here are some suggestions: have a cash buy in and a pot…make season as short as possible… make playoff rounds 1 game…And don’t allow draft pick trading with CPU teams.

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I’d love to watch if you guys stream :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more + lag is the worst ever.

Count me in

What we looking at in terms of anti cheese rules?

You don’t really need cheese rules in a game mode you can create your own custom playbook. Full of cheese plays lol.

How many games are we talking per week? I might join in

Down for the buy in idea for sure. We’d need to get a comish though.

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I am down!

Let’s start this. No packs this weekend bored af