MyLeague 2020 Draft Class: Best Downloadable?

So just fired up MyLeague and it seems that there is no official 2020 draft class in the game yet.

Choices are to either Auto-Generate Rookies, Create/Edit a Draft Class, or Download one.

Def don’t wanna do the first, definitely will not do the second, so…anyone know if any particular downloadable Draft Class (PS4) is widely considered to be the most realistic?


I’d say just download the ones with the most DLs.

Usually that’s a good bet.

Yeah, I’m guessing that’s the move…esp since the most downloaded also has most updates.

76ers just offered me Tobias and Milton for Wiggins and 1st Round Pick.

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That trade seems like a lateral move lol.

Only point in playing MyLeague is to turn Wiggo into Maple Jordan.

Man this whole thing is vast. Seems season started without expected rookies.

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I think there’s an option to start with your downloaded draft class right?

I think there is and it seems season starts with first game on December 9 but I don’t have any rookies on my team. Only guy I don’t know is some pretend dude named Mychal Mulder, who’s 26 years old. Also have Gerald Green somehow.

And, day before season start Eric Paschall came down with a broken kneecap.

I think for some reason there was no draft. I assume I should be able to make the pick.

I think something in the settings got goofed pre season. Either simmed or skipped.

I havent tried MyLeague yet though this year.

Oh wait. I go to Scouting and the 2020 draft class is there. It seems it just skips over the draft and goes straight to season. Obviously a sizeable blow to the Warriors. I think issue is that one cannot start season before the season…so no draft. It’s grayed out right now I think.

So one has to play 2020-2021 season and then draft. Maybe people who are playing ML right now just do that and defer the draft, basically. But that’s weird and wack.

Yeah I think once the next NBA season starts you’ll be allowed to go back and start in the offseason. Or at least once this season ends. It’s weird they don’t allow you to do it. I haven’t tried ML this year yet but I will

2K does it better than any sports game by FAR. We rightfully shit on their pocket snatching tactics but if you pay $60 and exclusively play this game offline with MyLeague and MyCareer, you could play the entire year until the next game comes out and not run out of new things to do and try. Madden franchise + career is a joke and MLB franchise is underwhelming

Okay thanks. I guess issue is that they don’t have rights to the draft class until they sign contracts.

So i don’t think I’ll start or just start for fake to get used to all the front office and coaching options. Maybe practice plays. I need to learn how to shoot, for starters.

Looked around on OS Forums and the big “Attention to Detail” project is in progress for 2K21.

I had forgotten how staggering they are in terms of detail they pay attention to:

Gonna wait until everything is all official not just with this but also with ability to actually “play” the preseason…draft and free agency. Not gonna start a Warriors 2020-2021 franchise without their #2 draft pick…

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this makes me want to play myleague.

I’m not looking forward to figuring it out, but if I can, then I’ll be looking forward to playing. Barrier to entry is high just for MyLeague, and MyGM seems like it’s for maniacs or masochists.

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