Mycareer starting out

I’ve been a heavy myteam player for a few years and have dabbled in mycareer nba season in previous years.

I have just completed domination and want to wait for the next spotlight challenges (love dirk in real life, hate his evo card) and am likely going to start a mycareer tonight.

I usually create a PG as that’s where I have always played.

Any tips on the following would be appreciated:
What is the most important thing this year when creating?
How long/annoying are the cut scenes this year?
How long before I can try park or rec? I haven’t played in previous years due to connection but I have just upgraded my net and want to try


Edit: also how long does the grind take to get your player to a somewhat competitive level?

Bump, anyone?

Badges are the most important thing.
Wouldn’t know, but they’re skippable and I skipped all of them.
You can play online as soon as you hit 80-85 and get some badges, depending on your build.

The grind is really easy this year. I got 99.9 mid-way through the playoffs.

Grind is pretty easy this year. Cutscenes are skipable. Prelude is skipable. You can be in the NBA right after creating a player.

Everyone wants to be a PG, so online is flooded with them. Just understand that if you aren’t a very good one in online play, you won’t be a valuable build people want to play with.

Mediocre PGs are a dime a dozen online.

I’d be playing smart basketball but I would imagine that’s hard.

What are the must have badges?

Any particular things to lean towards when creating?

I don’t wanna be the guy, but you have to realize that 90% of the randoms you’ll play with are gonna play like complete idiots.
Idk, if you’re gonna play solo, then two-way playmaker is your best option. Defense/playmaking chart. You can also get contact dunks and a decent 3pt rating so you can make wide open ones.


Yeah like @Perke said, if you plan to play with randoms, I highly recommend having a build that works with any team. Sharps, rimsharp PFs, glass/something centers. All around SGs.

You can def play PG, just be ready to play with teammates who don’t know how to space the floor, or how to even exist without the ball in their hands.

A playsharp is good for randoms, because at least you can be a spot up shooter, if your team doesn’t let you run an offense (don’t think people will just let you run point, because you picked PG).

As a player who runs with randoms myself, I’ve had to learn to just use my BBIQ as my strength, and keep floor spacing good. Sometimes if I have smart teammates I’ll do more, but honesty, so many games are just about not fighting over the ball.

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Sou ds like I shouldn’t start this lol, thanks for being honest guys.

I take it slashing isn’t as effective as in myteam?

Just started my build last week. I have played very casually and already at 91 OVR and 24 badges. It is wayyy easier this year to level up and earn badges. Also forgot to mention I have only played maybe 5 or 6 career games and the rest of my progress came from playing Rec. Really like how you don’t have to grind MyCareer to level up this year

That site in general is a great resource for MyCareer.

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PG here:

Randoms in rec = SG and SF setting you screens so have fun essentially getting doubled/trippled

I’d recommend making a big man because while they will NOT give you the ball… you’ll have a lot easier time getting rebound stats even if you are losing.

Lots of people want sharp/rim in the Looking for Group posts because they get 17 shooting 20 defense badges. If you look no one wants PG because everyone and their baby mama has one.

Sharp/Rim can play the 4&5 and can suck out their big man opening the paint which is why everyone wants one on their team


Slashing is probably the worst build to make, if you don’t have a set team.

If you have a set team, it’s much easier to be a PG, or specialized builds like a slasher.

But if you play with randoms, being a slasher just means your man helps off you and doubles the paint.

Sure, sometimes you get a guy who knows how to hit you on cuts, but the paint is always crowded anyway.

Def not saying, don’t play mycareer. It’s WAYYYY better than MyTeam this year.

Just giving my advice as a vet random player. If you want to have a good time with randoms, don’t expect to dominate the ball on offense.

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Go to create a roster, quick edit, join a friends park, go to rosters in the mycareer menu, feast


I disagree.
Everyone can hit open 3s.
A friend I run with most of the time is a play/defender and he has contact dunks and low 70s 3pt. As per usual, if you know your shot, you can hit like 50% of the open ones. And having hof defensive badges is way more important than shooting ability if you’re playing with randoms, imo.

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Sure, if OP can hit 50% of threes in park with a 70 3ball, he’ll be fine.

But based on 2k cards I see in park, that’s an elite shooting % for a 70 3ball build.

If OP can carry, in his first try in park, he’ll be fine.

My assumption though, is he’ll be learning the park/rec meta.

But OP, if you are comfortable taking all 3s no matter rating, and can green, make whatever build you want.

Most important is to get some mates to play with, with iq, and with defense iq… And know how to rotate, and how to space. Guys who are not toxic and don’t take a loss too serious. Then it can be extremely fun

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Yeah that’s the million dollar question.

If you have a squad, you can make any build you want.

But if you play with randoms pretty much exclusively, it’s a different meta game.

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I take it that you cant make builds like specific players, or top tier players anyway. If I wanted to make a T-mac for example?

In terms of matching attributes/badges, no.

But in terms of how builds actually play, based on park sliders, then yes, you can def make builds modeled after your fav players. As mentioned, park is about animations. So if you know your jumper, you can shoot way above your attribute rating.

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Thank you

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