Mycareer question

To anyone who has a online mycareer player ,When the 2k19 servers shut down would I be able to use my player offline since the servers would be closed I have a 97 and was wondering would I be able to use him when the servers go down anybody know ?

In offline modes, of course you can use your player.

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Should be able to use it offline but not sure it works being offline as you have to enter the online neighbourhood to do anything

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I mean like if I hop on 2k19 in a year or 2 would I be able to use my online player offline in career game obviously the neighborhood wouldn’t be available simmer it’s a online server but I probably won’t get on it just some nostalgia in about 5 years lmao

You can access your MyCareer without going to the neighborhood. Going there is an extra option on that MyCareer menu.

Sometimes. Mine goes straight to the neighbourhood about 95% of the time

But I’m sure after servers go, that’ll be what happens everytime.

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I know, that’s what i mean. It will never go to the NB after the servers go out.