MyCareer MyPlayer NBA 2K22: Tips, Tricks, Discussion on Getting Started

Do I get it right? I can do it 50 times in a row and earn the badge right away? Old or new Gen?

That new range Extender badge. Green machine, hot zone, volume shooter, corner specialist. Maybe some of the new ones, it has to be figured out which are effective.

Yep just grab your 15 points in the trainer, wait the 30 seconds on the next one, and repeat

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I’ve finished college. It’s both. You gain additional potential upgrades as well as unlocking those same ones. So I went to west Virginia which was +1 finishing and +3 defence. After winning college my total finishing badge points went from 13 to 14 and my defence went from 24 to 27.


What ball handle is required for at least decent dribble moves like Pro ones 70 or 75?

Some are 80 and some are 85. But think you can do most of them at 75.

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Yup, can confirm.
Just won and got them additionally and could spend them instantly

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what shooting badges people been running? seen a lot of ppl running limitless spotup but apparently it doesn’t pop up much, same with chef. been running stop n pop and sniper have been popping up on basically every shot so been running them

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If I want to make a Carmelo-esque player, anyone have suggestions on build parameters and which college to select?

Basically a Shot Creator who creates shots not necessarily off the dribble in the sense of using speed and handles, but off of triple threat and post-up positions. So good post shooting and moving shooting in the midrange, as a wing, and not as a big. Hopefully can hit outside open spot-up jumpers. What’s defense?

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On point. Thanks.

Seems he discusses build in this video:

Post offense is eating for me so far this year because everybody made their character low weight with no strength or interior defense.

Being able to turn off layup timing has also made standing layups way more reliable, as long as your guy has a good enough shot close rating.

Interior is a bit broken. The bigs I run with have max interior and all manner of contested standing layups are going in.

Fastest/most effective way to get badges rn?

How tall are those “bigs” though?

My 7’3" paint beast might have been scored on inside at most 6 or 7 times total in 30ish three-on-three games so far, and those few instances were from my own user-controlled error.

Ratings can only help you so much in the key if you’re giving up height, body positioning, or are hitting the right stick too late to register a good hard contest.

If anything, I feel like defense is a bit OP right now, since you can still make people miss perimeter shots with a 25 contest rating, and the whole purpose of 2K “rebalancing the builder” for next gen was to make sure that every attribute mattered, and that users couldn’t get by with leaving entire category bars blank.

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Guys i am on current gen, i have playing couple matches in my career and didnt get ant of my VC? Anyone have some issues? How to get all my VC from nba match that i already play for?

Sucks that to max a build to 85 with all animations aswell is just on 250k vc I made a lock and it cost jujutsu on 237k vc and that’s just getting to 85 with out paying for any animations lol

It would probably cost just on 300k-350k vc to get from 60 to 99

Two days of making builds… still can’t decide.

Yup confirming its both. I was tripping before. I just saw my build went from 18-20 finishing and 23-25 shooting.

1v1 matchmaking on next gen is so much fun highly recommend