MyCareer MyPlayer NBA 2K22: Tips, Tricks, Discussion on Getting Started

Once I get into the game, probably will get started on MyTeam first, just cause, but probably will be turning to MyCareer/MyPlayer pretty quickly. Want to build up a MyPlayer and probably play through a chunk of MyCareer, then see if I can actually find online action on the West Coast for PC.

Any tips or tricks on getting started?

  • What looks like is gonna be the meta for MyPlayers this year? Way early, but is a consensus on builds forming yet?
  • What are you going to build to start off with?
  • Anything different about it this year, compared to prior cycles?
  • Should approach be different depending on whether on Last/Current or Next Gen?
  • Any early strategy for most efficient grinding attributes and leveling up?

Only getting the standard pre-order edition so will only get the tiny VC bonus, and so will save that for some impatient moment down the road, after I know I’m on a build that makes sense.

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If you’re good at on ball defense a perimeter lock looks nice

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Wonder if those season bonuses such as sleeves or extra badge points carry across builds?

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Start is fun, even when losing lol

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Anybody got a good center build on next gen?

T-Shirt creator is available off rip. might see some good day 1 fits :eyes:

lowkey fire asf it went from being an elite 2 reward to being free

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I’m starting off either with a big or a Playshot. If you care about rep that’s the way you should go. They create the most rep compared to other positions.
I’m starting next week so I can’t say no more to your other questions. Unfortunately most guys here are myteam addicts.

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For badging start with Pro difficulty. Call for pnr, Alley to Roller. Alley oops give the most career points. Build your hot zones. First badges for shooters or playshots should be Range Extender. Ai doesn’t defend from far away.

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Pretty stoked with my build off rip. Can’t get 90’s in everything this year and that’s a good thing. If you want to be an all rounder you gotta settle in the 80’s range.

Here’s what I’m running:

Shooting the lights out with barely any badges. Defending like a demon, can handle and has pro contact dunks. 93 speed at 6’5 is very nice.


Make sure you all go to college! If you win the championship you get 4 additional badge upgrades and 4 badge points immediately. So my build above is actually badged: 14/20/25/27


What’s the move for current gen builds? I’m leaning towards a sharpshooting lockdown that has an 80 ball handle

This is crazy.
Was really tired and managed to lose the college game. RIP 50$ spent on build.

It’s said you just earn the badges, so you don’t need to grind them. So you unlock them, and it’s not added badge points.

But I’m not that far, just heard

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Do the Gatorade drill 50x for gym rat :+1: it doesn’t lock up so you can skip waiting


It literally says “additional badge points” :roll_eyes:

This is beyond fucked up really.
Every time I want to create a new build, I have to play tournament vs AI to get max badge points. Oh, and better not spend any money before winning it, one loss and bye money spent on VC :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Can you still get those additional NCAA badge points in categories where your build has 0 badge potential or nah?

Like if my big comes with 0 potential playmaking badge points can I still unlock 4 points in that category by going to the playmaking college?

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so far are you guys enjoying current gen or next gen more ?

Im currently conflicted

What are the most crucial shooting badges for my player to begin?