Mycareer my points glitch

Mycareer my points glitch

I seen a video on YouTube it’s basically the same glitch from last year anyone been doing it or what do you think the chances of getting banned is, I’ll fck around and do it just for my badges

not familiar…infinite practice glitch?

post that link son

Nah at the end of a game you delete your saved data and keep repeating and your mypoints and badges keep adding up

Just search YouTube my points glitch for 2k20 and find one for your system Xbox is pretty easy to do

im good on that lol theres a sea of clickbait.

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Welp it’s working went from 86-90 in a hour

which vid tho :skull: :skull:

Literally every video tells you the same thing I don’t understand how hard it is

lmaooooo :joy: :joy: :joy:

Filter it to videos from today and you should be good

Think you’ll get banned from this?

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if anyone else curious i got u
ps4 only btw

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Umm I think it’s working

88 to 92 and 5 badges in the main categories in about 2 hours.

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Only reason I ain’t post a video is cause I got a text tutorial

Def is bro

Maybe if you abuse it like if someone does it all night and gets to 99 definitely just gotta not abuse it

Glitch is legit. Straight copy and paste from last year and dont even need to do the treadmill after this year


Did people get banned last year ? I wasn’t really playing park

Lmao no, people only got banned for selling a lot of MT or doing the VC glitch and then letting it stack and picking up like 300k VC checks lmao