My Youtube Channel MyTeam Ideas [Please Skip if UnInterested/No Promo]

Ight guys so I have Ideas for videos I can do such as:

Player Reviews - Go into MTO games and use a newly released card and show off the ability of thus card
”How to use Diamond Pau Gasol (e.g.) - Show how to properly use an overlooked card by using it for its designed purposes (Pau Gasol for his Post)
Squad Builders - All Rookie Team, College Teams, NBA Players from each state, etc.
”Road to PD Julius Erving Going 12-0” - Self-explanatory

Would this anyone here if they were watching any youtuber? Just want some positive feedback please. If you find fault with this post please PM me.


Personally, what I watch are videos that break down Plays/Playbooks, Freelances, and Series. Maybe tactical tutorials of the Sam Pham vein.

I would watch a “player review/demo” video if the player were really using the card in a very conscientious way, across a decent number of games. Most will have one or two games, so not very meaningful. And often they’re using the card to fit their play style, not necessarily trying to channel their play through the card.

Gameplay, in general, whether themed or not, is not interesting to me unless the YTer is actually an entertaining personality. So far, I only find SurrealAndre entertaining enough to watch videos that have no real purpose but to entertain.


Sounds original to me bro. I’ll sub

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I love pack opening vids. you can always do different things too. just make sure you rage when if you lose like Shake. Too funny.