My use of quick 2 zip hammer gameplay

Just wanted to show this short tutorial I made. I know most of you know this play but I made some changes to the play that really seem to work for me. Especially the last play in the video seems to always get me the open shot when opponent is playing good d :grin:

This play is in the Lakers and warriors playbook

My three point % has gone way up :money_mouth_face:


You didnt even use the last screen for the wide open corner 3. Definitely my favorite play tho. D. Steph, D. Klay. PD Manu destroy guys with it.

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Your right about the last screen but I rarely ever get to that point and I didn’t have a recording on that :grin:

Thats my favorite part of the entire play. The defender could never get through that final screen so it always wide open. So if you have Dimer on the passer and Corner Specialist on the receiver its lights out.

This play alone is the reason I don’t want to sell my Diamond Curry for the Big O.


Afther your sf goes thru screen you can also drive to the paint with him or shoot open moving mid range shot as your pg and big man sets a double screen, when you drive your big will set a screen in the corner for your sg to shoot open 3.

So if you initiate play for sg, got a dunker sf like Darius Miles or Hill, you can go into the bodies using that double screen, if defender gets over pass to a corner 3.

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Good point, but like I said before I rarely ever get that far :grin:

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Its totally different option, its afther 1st screen when your sg/sf goes thru screen ^^

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Ahhhh, sorry I misunderstood :joy: thanks :grin: I’ll try that :+1:

Could you make a clip showing this so I understand better? :grin:

Gimme hour or so, need to finish sniping on prime time :slight_smile:

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:fire::fire::fire:. What playbook is this? Warriors got it?

Warriors and Lakers definitely.

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W play. thanks for sharing


Thanks for this bro, hadn’t thought of it like this because I always run down to the corner when I call the play. Nice option to mix it up :grin::ok_hand::+1:

Yah man, if you got some insane dunker/mid range player like Kobe its really fun, because you can shoot moving mid range afther double screen or go into the bodied if neither is an option pass to corner 3. This play is brilliant with some many options.

What playbook is this from?


Nice breakdown, there is another way to use this play tho.
In your video, if you run the play for Peja :

  • PP will come from the zipper screen, pass him the ball,
  • Then Peja will come from another screen, pass him the ball,
  • The play will continue, and then PP will get a double flare screen and will be open on the opposite wing