My thoughts on PD giannis

Stats mean nothing this year

It is the year of op animations!!!

Picked him up about an hour ago and he is stupid, I’ve only played TTO (every game had been a rage quit) I don’t even try to score with him, he just does… In a drive, layup, drop step, post spin, open 3

He will rebound, steal and defend above his stats also!!

This card is out way to early!

Played him in Tto just strip him on the drive he’s easy to guard


I picked one up a few hours ago, shoed and badged him up, then watched the Warriors game, so I’m just now about to give him a test run… I finally picked up Pierce late last night too, so this should be fun!


Mine has Foamposites so some added ball control

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I agree, feels like the most unguardable card at the moment

Unguardable for sure!

lol stoppp


i played him on TTO as well just let magic gaurd him. once giannis takes off theres no stopping him but just sag off and let him take that jumper

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hes unreal… consistently hits open shots. dunks on EVERYONE all the time. is probably the fastest player due to his strides. hes a god

once he isn’t shooting 3’s then i’m giving him space and stripping on the drive. when there’s a Giannis that can knock down 3’s consistently then we got a problem.

but this one does hit open 3’s consistently

Worth selling Magic to get him?

well thats how i’m willing to loose, cause i’m not stepping out to defend him.

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I’ve gone against 3 Giannis in MTU magic locked him down each game

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No I wouldn’t sell magic to get him

Magic is a better point guard

Everyone in mtu using him as a pg???

Magic is a better pg

Giannis is a fantastic 4/3

He has wide dribble animations you can steal from him

But if he starts a driving animation you’re in trouble

Umm, why is he so cheap on XB1??

Yes everyone I’ve gone against has had him at point no surprises there kids will be kids

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That’s a waste of this card!

Where do you play him?