My thoughts 96 Oladipo

Here’s my thoughts on 96 Oladipo ( mine has diamond Jordan shoe steal/contest/moving mid/contested mid/moving 3)

I had the amy version so I’m familiar and this guy has some strengths! Great on ball defense he doesn’t block the ball like Wade but he’ll rip it like it was your lunch money… Don’t try dribble animations in front of him you will get ripped, also contest is great

Offense ( he does better at the 2 …capable at the 1) I think he is best at the 2 he can handle point but there are better options for that, Dribble animations are workable not great or mind blowing but you can create space. Driving ability is nice ( he’s not lightning quick but usable) if he has an open Lane it’s a dunk, poster or and 1 …I have not been blocked yet. Now his mid range is where the money is, he bangs middy’s all day! With a defender on him if you learn his animations and create a tiny bit of space it’s money ( his driving ability leaves the defender guessing which helps him get easier mids and 3s) … Now his 3 point ability for me has worked out great but I don’t use him just to shoot 3s I use all his offense to leave people guessing and having Hof catch and shoot will help a lot when a pass comes from a dimer , he’s better at the 3 than siding Westbrook at Wade and is pretty good off of the dribble with them , but he does not like to be contested

This is a guy I’ll keep for a while cause he fits my play style and has very good badging for defense and attacking

I would say Oladipo is a watered down version of 98 Wade (wade has better dribble animations, speed and play making) not in a bad way… with a better 3 ball and easier to time shot

Best way to counter him is if someone uses him at PG put j West , Wade or anyone with speed/perimeter defense and a high steal rating on him … If he’s at the 2 defend him with speed and a good steal/contest rating

I know my long threads are not structured as good as many others ( I’m not so good with the big words or proper sentence structure lol) , but I hope it helps people wondering about Oladipo


At the time when his ruby came out I had the biggest succes in SM, I have continually achieved PD without this hardcore cheese.
I am really tempted to drop my diamond Magic for this Dipo. Just wait a little to Magics price go up and since playoff moments come out, Dipos price go down.

For me he was the perfect prototype PG this year. Defense, speed, driving and the release with 3pt plays…
Maybe an OP Wall could be better.

all dipo needs is a shoe to boost swb and ball control, then he’d be pink diamond level

Yes he’s a nice card for sure!

The shoe I have in mine is nice cause it makes his defense scary, his ability to rip the ball is the best I’ve had yet, I honestly think he’s better than Havlicek at steals

Also I like having the ability to pull up if a defender is backing up, his mid range game is great

I wouldn’t be suprised if they shut the water faucet off on people pulling Oladipo soon

I don’t think I’ll replace magic with him cause used right magic is scary

But Victor is way more if a scoring machine if your not forcing 82 billion 3s with him

bought him for 95k with 98 contracs (basically a diamond contract for me), fair price isnt it?

Should be, seem like the market is still packed with them?

Might try to get him with a shoe to be my back up PG.

I picked him up last night on a BIN and man he’s amazing. I was trying to go for Wade but kept getting outbid last minute. Saw him for a decent price and took a chance. I opened up a box of historic and got a red jordan dunking diamond shoe. He’s dunking is already up there but was thinking of adding it to him.

How is his defense and does he play “small” or a bit larger than his frame?

His defense is very good I run him at the 2 ( he seemed just to work better there) Hof pick pocket is awesome on him… Don’t go for the block though he’s not the greatest at that, he does contest very well and has really good lat quickness

So if your good with the right stick you might like using him

Frame wise reminds of a little bigger Mitchell

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He’s quick and he doesn’t play like a 6’ 3er. He’s like diamond Mitchell but a better defender with that HOF defensive stopper and pick pocket badges. Plus he can dunk on almost anyone. I haven’t badged him up yet but I could imagine he’d be even more OP.