My Team Help

I just starting out playing my team. Use all my coins I won from PNO to rip packs. Question I have for u guys. Which card is better to play at point guard pink diamond Allen Iverson or diamond penny? Both going for around the same price. I’m on ps4

offline it wont matter much, you can almost play anyone for the offline grind
online you will have to go with penny, simply cuz of his size
forget everything i said if youre some allen iverson wizard…

being 6’7 helps when guarding lebron, giannis, magic or anyone people run at the point.

penny is the answer not iverson

Yeah Penny is probably an underrated option at PG for most people. He won’t be bombing 3PT like Curry or anything but he’s a great facilitator and good inside scoring and can defend most other PG’s. Small players like under 6’2" are pretty much unusable if you’re playing online. Some teams have like no one under 6’8" lol

Penny and it’s not close. Oscar is an even better option in that price range. Size is everything in MyTeam.

Starters pd Jimmer Pd kobe . Pd Bird D K Love PD reg KAJ
bench . pd 97 Magic . Pd Dominique D Kawhi D Hayword D bob Lainer

hey guys I need some lineup help, any suggestions?

Start Magic instead of Jimmer. Get B Love and JSmoove as your PFs. Not sure how much Dominique goes for, but if you can get Drexler for the same amount, get Drexler.

Ya drex is like 80 k while dom is around 200 k, magic starts if I play against any point guard with base 11 if that is over 6-5