My Stimulus Deposit is Pending

Heads up for everyone on here.


Stimulus checks are rolling out according to how much you make yearly. We won’t all get them at the same time

Mine was pending 2 days ago

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I think it’s crazy the states only get a one time payment. Y’all are getting HOODWINKED. Trump out there slowly killing the lower class

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I thought the max was 1200 + 500 for each child.

I’m 20 and In college will I get one

Did you file taxes this year or last?


Not to mention college students don’t get shit

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4 kids, plus unemployment with the $600 bonus for covid

Whats a covid bonus?

Are you a dependent ?

If you filed and claimed yourself you should still get something.

But if someone else claimed you on their tax return, I believe it rules you ineligible.



I see, but stimulus check is separate from unemployment. Even people are that are working will be getting one.

Unemployment is like 300 a week, with this situation we have right now, you get another 600 on top of that weekly

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Rather have things go back to normal.


Yea, I got furlough for 30 days from my job so I get the stimulus, the unemployment and actually another stimulus

Fire lol

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