My son officially has an opportunity to be a 2 sport athlete in college!

I’m feeling super proud right now. He was offered to play WR today from a college that previously offered him for basketball. He loves basketball way more, but this is an amazing moment knowing that he can be a two sport athlete at the college level.

Here’s some highlights from football…


Completely normal flex.


Good shit man. My nephew’s entering 8th grade after this summer so I’m focusing on getting him ready for high school and the competition pool in Dallas is intense. I love seeing this though man !

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Proud dad​:clap::grin:

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Appreciate it, homie. Good luck to your nephew!

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How’s this a weird flex? Dudes talking about his family.
Chill out on the douchey comments.

Congrats, man. This is awesome.


We need to see the basketball highlights😎

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I got you…


I did get a little emotional thinking about how Kobe and GiGi were going to miss out on this process. We need to really live in the moment and cherish what time we are given with our loved ones.

Alright I was making stupid comment

Saw the basketball highlights. Looks good, man.

If he was my son, I’d also show him some pitching basics and see if he has a live arm. Coz it looks from the video that he has perfect size for a pitcher

J Mac

Gotta dub him w the nick


Only a matter of time till someone gets a half a billion dollar contract in MLB. And plenty of players go for 20+ years.

Yeah, even signing bonuses for the first couple of rounds are life changers.

Though there’s Billy Wagner on one end and Randy Johnson on the other, most flamethrowers profile in that 6’4” to 6’6” range

The Braves have an abundance of good young arms in the farm system. I hope they can develop a couple & go on another long run of success.

Height and weight?


Congrats bro that’s super solid

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Congrats Coach

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6’4" 185

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They usually force them to focus on 1 sport after freshman yr, he looks like tight end will be where he ends up. He could be a monster at tight end with his athleticism.

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