My Shooting Glass Lock

70 three pointer
10 finishing
17 shooting
1 playmaking
21 defense

Badge suggestions and release/animations? 7’0.

For shooting badges: HOF quick draw, hot zone hunter, green machine, range extender. Bronze catch and shoot

Release/animations I would use either base 98, Wade, or Exum. Once you unlock custom jumpshots, I’d change the release to either Stockton, Rudy Gay, Aldridge, 26, or any combination thereof. The base is all that matters, the release is just for a visual cue

shooting id rock: HOF HZH, HOF Range, HOF/G Quickdraw whichever you are move comfortable with, S C&S, S Corner, B Deadeye

Defense: HOF Intimidator, HOF Rim, HOF Reb, G Intercept, S Clamps, S Pogo, B Box

Base 38 jumper is pretty easy to time

Other badges

Playmaking: I’d use break starter or needle threader, try both in that order and see which you prefer. As long as you can make outlet passes you’re good to go.

Finishing: I personally wouldn’t go with so many finishing badges on a shooting big, but with 10 I’d do something like this…

Bronze pick and roller
Bronze fancy footwork
Silver lob city finisher
Gold contact finisher
Gold relentless finisher

Defense: This is a pretty basic park breakdown that should be effective
HOF Brick Wall
HOF Rebound Chaser
HOF Intimidator
HOF Rim Protector
Silver Interceptor
Bronze Chasedown
Bronze Boxout
Bronze Pogo

forgot about chasedown that’s a must

Don’t set too many screens with my main crew. What would replace?

Make pogo HOF and put on bronze worm