My set prediction: Chinese New Year

I’m going to base my prediction on the amount of cards from the triple double set and amount of cards per tier

Reward: Lin
PD: Stephon Marbury
Diamond: Wade (his shoe brand from china)
Diamond: Tmac
Amy- yi
amy- josh smith
ruby- beasley
ruby- harrington
sapphire: mudiay
sapphire: ty lawson
emerald: jimmer
emerald:ron artest

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Kobe has a Chinese tattoo on his bicep. Pd Kobe is coming today.


Gimme that Diamond Wade right meow

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Ruby/Sapphire Donatas Motiejunas (most paid player in CBA)

if were going shoes the Klays getting another card. Speaking of why is anta in the shoe collection but theres no Antas in the game?? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

emerald jimmer?

I need me some Andray Blatche

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i put him

Isn’t the peak brand Chinese too? I remember tony Parker rondo and KG wore them if I’m not mistaken

What happened to him ??

Nah, jimmer has to be a diamond at least

You guys have such high hopes , funny , prepare to be disappointed. tmac is coming , but he is not going to be fire


every card will be fire and there will be a market crash

Still playing there

We will know in 2hours

Yao with a 72 three ball

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I splash corner threes with Shaq all the time imagine this with yao lol

That’s hittable I’ll take it

I’m sure you’re very fond of Wade, being such a big Cavs fan and all