My Response to 2K Support about the last round of Supermax ;)

I’m tired of playing games with 2k lol


I don’t understand why you need all this information? This happened to me with the Deandre Jordan Amethyst Card as well and 2k fixed it without any of what your asking for above? All I had to do to get the card that I earned was send you a notification/ticket letting you know that mine was glitched out; and you sent it right back to me.

I am not sending you all that information but only the description of what happened. My PSN is Trae_CU-45. In round one of this super max season, I made it to the Pink Diamond League in order to receive the Amethyst Earl Monroe Card. However, after the first round was over I didn’t get the Monroe Card. It showed that it was in my Reward Q, however, when I clicked on the pack, no card popped up like it was not in the game at the time.

Forgive me if I am coming off as too assertive, but your asking for a lot more work on my part that I shoudn’t have to do given that I put my valuable time to not only get into the PD league, but then also put together a “case”/“investigation” for you to give me the card that I had grinded for? Not to mention, a card that, if were all being honest, is not even good? C’mon Ussoo. This company has been so inconsistent and so non chalant with the production of this game and how it works.

Please give me my Earl “the Pearl” Monroe Amyethyst card.


Clearing the Cache did not work btw.

They initially sent the following:
Hello Trae,

Thank you for contacting 2K Support!

Sorry to hear that you didn’t get your Monroe card. Don’t worry, I’ll do what I can to help you out.

Let’s start with a cache clear, this helps out a lot of players, let me know if it for you.

If that didn’t do the trick, I’ll need this info:

The exact card:

Date you got the card:

How you got the card (auction, connection, opening a pack, etc.):

A unedited/uncut video. To help, here’s our article explaining how to capture a video on your console and here’s what needs to be shown:

Start the video from the game Main Menu and make sure we can see your PSN ID.

Go to MyTEAM Mode > Auction House and select My Auctions. Take a second to show us all your cards placed there.

Go back to the MyTEAM Menu > Collection and scroll to the collection of your missing card.

Please note that we’ll need all that info for the investigation. If you have more questions, feel free to hit us up…

Take care,