My recovery from Elite superpacks

I lost like one million mt cause I had my Giannis grind end just 1 day before the superpacks. I did buy all the cards when they came out at low price but that low price especially amethysts were stains 10- 20 k
Sadly I sold 2k each. So it’s not only sabonis and granger. That’s the less.
So time to shoot my question.
How can I make that mt ? Everything seems grounded atm. Any tip welcome.

Wait and pray the packs go away

Have you already sold all your throwback cards ?

Yes the day the packs came out.
Near half the expected price the pd
80k cards went for 30k
And the amys less than 5 k
Massacre !

I don’t see these cards recovering, they aren’t attached to any sets and the marker is flooded and will always be flooded with these cards because once ppl get Giannis they will be back on the market place… I’m assuming this will also happen with moment cards soon

How much mt should theoretically make someone from Giannis sell back ?

Feel like the 4 m that I made with locked every possible set except promos seems low to me.

This is why I went hard with the Schedule grind. Seen this shit coming a mile away.


Yep. We made it in time. Thank god lol

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How many m did u had after selling ? Collections except promos locked

Haha that’s the triple than mine. ! Fuck it at least I have the beast

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Yup…11 million, but I still have amethyst and below cards from sets that I can sell.

I have around 4mil. but once all these Giannis users cash out, im gonna be considered broke. Opal TMac/KD will probably cost 2mil lol

Nah, they’ll cost ~same amounts like PD’s now.

Got Giannis too?
We were saying how much mt could you possibly regain after Giannis when u sell cards.

It gg u aint gotton make nothing back just got snipe open pack make mt back