My prediction for player of the month

Imo I think they will have the 12-0 reward be a pick of the previous players that people missed, and they will add one player to the pool… it is 2k and they could just do nothing but that’s my bold prediction

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Nah it will be new cards, if they add old cards or nothing noone gonna spend money

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This is 2k we’re talking about lol

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What they need to do is start off with PD and have the last two be GO and allow u to go to 11-1, I swear out of the 7 times I’ve been 9-0 or 10-0, six times in that next game, 2k severs game me a L

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I missed Hakeem and Ginobili is a card a still cant beat because of the difficult shot 3s so i kinda hope so

It will be new players, but they will be underwhelming aside from the last one or two.

I can see Pete Maravich, Kevin McHale, Walt Frazier, and players like that being the rewards for the first few rounds.


I really dislike this 12-0 system.
Especially since you can hold 11-0 from the last month and the rewards after that are pretty bad.

Even though supermax was flawed, I preferred the point threshold system.
And they really need to increase token prizes or add something new, because with more opal rewards coming up and no more sets to lock in, there’s no way I’m grinding another 750 tokens in TTO.

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I know that’s why im sayin if they want money from us they will add new months cards its gonna happen i got faith that 2k is still trying to dig deep into ppl pockets :rofl::man_shrugging:

Maybe it’s just me, but none of the player of the month cards have been a must have card for me, plenty of cards play like finley, issel is kinda unique but at this point his kinda undersized, Manu is a white James Harden, Hakeem good but Ralph Sampson is the same card but bigger, Erving I like, but he doesn’t give me anything special, and nobody using IT

Player of the month rewards trash. PD Brandon Roy, Kobe, Hedo, Granger etc better than any card you can get from going 12-0. Don’t expect anyone worth having. I do expect the Galaxy opal reward for going 12-0 5x to be legit though.

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Yeah next GO reward will be the other isaiah thomas :rofl::skull: cuz he has to be under 6’3 its just 2k logic :man_facepalming:

great guess , its probably the cards we thought would be throwback elites

This 12-0 is okay but this should not be the “main mode”. They should keep this and add a season with a ranked system where you earn price compared to your rank. Would be fire.

And i think 2k would make more money like this, like Fifa because this would make ppl spend more money to get the best competitiv team possible to win those price.

But 2k is like… no lets make this noob freindly, because they are scared kids will see how trash they are and won’t open pack anymore…

The 12-0 system isn’t noob friendly though. It is the opposite.

Y’all smoking Hakeem still a god


Starters from POM…dream and the DOCTOR. But honestly if 2k don’t add new cards I’m playing this shitty game no more

If they don’t there’s really no reason for anyone to play… that’s the problem that live has there’s isn’t a reward for winning it’s just like a virtual pat on the back

I for one think they will add more remember last year everyone thought after season 5 Superman that was the end then not only did they come out with pd Porzingis after that the came out with PD Vince

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He felt nerfed a few weeks ago but has started playing well again.

Yea man off topic but I still can’t believe how much I slept on Amy Porzingis he’s been playing so good I don’t even plan on copping back AD