My Plea to Crack Ben Wallace Out of His Mind

Hi all,

For those who do not know, Ben Wallace is meant to be the last player available in the hero set for Dark Matter Phil Jackson. At the beginning of the season we knew he was coming. He is now the last one.

Ben Wallace is my favorite player of all time and LOVE any opportunity to use him on the court. Sadly, since he is a 6’9" none shooting center this leaves it up to 2K to find a way to make him usable. 2K has done a great job in making this possible before, and I am praying they can do the same THIS week.

I have a few reason why I think they should.

  1. Ben Wallace’s history with 2K.
    Ben Wallace was the cover athlete for 2K5. This was the first year they did not use Allen Iverson on the cover since the game’s very first release. This year was a pivotal year for the game franchise and Ben deserves some respect for that. This dope ass cover art alone I’m sure helped sell some more copies and that year the game moved the peg closer to competing with EA.

  2. Glitched Ben Wallace last year was incredible
    Last year Pink Diamond (later evo’d to Opal) was a fan favorite. Many people enjoyed using this card last year even though he didn’t play anything like Ben on the offensive side. But he played both sides of the ball so well. He was ahead of his time in MyTeam last year and could be used all the end until end of the game cycle. I see and hear so many people look back at this card in a good manner, especially since he was reasonably priced.

  3. Who would argue it?
    We have finally got to the point realism is out of the window for this game cycle. DRob and Hakeem have knockdown three balls with range, Wes Unseld can Curry slide. So who would really care? Giving him Wes’s sigs will be far from game breaking. Sadly a lot of the Pistons 04 is not available in game so us super fans of that team can at least use this card hopefully. Chauncey sucks, Rip is outdated, Tayshaun, Rasheed, Okur, and many others are not in the game. PD glitched Ben Wallace of 2K20 came out April 10th last year so we are not even from that point.

2K, please please please make this card an unrealistic monster. :heart_eyes:


I admire your dedication.

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Put this man in the hall of the fame as well


Evolved Glitched Ben Wallace and Bill Russel duo in 2k20 was fun as hell to use.

Great post OP


They are going to make him a speed boosting ball handling, showtime dunking 6’9" C/PF with a 84 three point shot. Just a little bit of shooting. He will have HOF clamps, HOF qfs, gold range.

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I evo’d two Bens in 2k20. A very fun card to run indeed. Since the all time Pistons squad is not the best squad to make, I use him in my all time Bulls team.

Remember we did have PG Giannis and Simmons with a 3 ball at this stage last year. We need this.

Glitched Wallace couldn’t miss from 3pt land last year, one of my favorite cards.