Let me just preface this by saying: I am NMS and grind for a lot of my cards, so I usually don’t spend an insane amount of MT on any card.

However, 2k has made the mistake of removing, in my opinion, the greatest part of the game last year. I understand evos aren’t completely gone, but there are hardly any of them left in the game. This post is my plea to 2K asking them to bring back evos.

Reason 1: They help literally everyone.

Say 2k dropped an evo Bruce Bowen for example. NMS grinders could buy the base card, evo him, and sell him back for profit. People who don’t want to grind can just buy the card evo’d up. There is literally no downside to having evo Cards in the game.

Reason 2: they make outdated card usable again.

One of the great parts about evo cards last year was that they brought back old cards and made them usable again. GO Brandon Roy was looking outdated, but when 2k added an update, he suddenly returned to my squad. With the badge system, evo cards are almost nonexistent because you could potentially have duplicate badge on the card.

Reason 3: They add another grind factor to the game.

Like a lot of you guys in quarantine last year, I was stuck inside with 2K as one of my only activities. Grinding evos in spotlight Sims was one of my favorite past times because it actually rewarded me for spending time on the game. With the badge system, whoever stacks up the most Hall of Fame badges is reward at the most, which does not really seem fair to me.

Reason 4: They actually produced some fun cards and increased interest in the game.
If you look back at some of the 2K20 threads from last year, speculation around which potential cards could gain Evo‘s was constantly present. I loved evo Ben Wallace, evo Jeremy Lin, and evo Dwyane Wade from the start of the year just to name a few. People would spend more time with evos than they do now badging up and selling cards. It creates a fun, enjoyable user experience.

I can’t speak for everyone on the site, but I am making this plea to 2K to please bring back Evo‘s in 2K 22. They captured lightning in a bottle last year, and to be honest, they fumbled the bag with it this year. I get the Badges messed that system up, but I’d actually prefer that it goes back to last year’s system. I don’t want to @ Sam and beg for changes to the game, but Sam, if you end up reading this, please take this into consideration.

Thank you for listening.


Evos were another great idea that 2K dropped, same with duos. We get duo updates like once a season?

Last year I wasted so much time grinding for a Dominique that was useless a few weeks into the game, but after they added an Evo for him he became solid enough that I enjoyed playing with him again.

Bring back evos 2K!

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2k did evos dirty this year. The inability to add badges to them kind of makes them irrelevant. Bit of a shame too. Instead of breathing new life into old cards, they’ll just release a new one.

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They will give all the cards evos in July when they done emptying everyone’s pockets.

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Yeah the no badge thing seems to be the root. Stops them from going back & making old cards evos. I’d still enjoying seeing a few more just for something to do from time to time.

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I mean they did give you an evo Westbrook for free this season so Atleast you got that, but also I will say if you’re a NMS guy right now you can get cards like go bird for 30k, pd Ben Simmons, stuff like that, and I mean for doing the triple threat spotlights alone you will make over 100k mt from start to finish so just from that alone you can have a very great team for literally playing the game which is something I can honestly say has never been a thing in 2k lol


No doubt total free/grind content is an all time high this year. Just not a big year for evos.

Yeah I’m just pointing out take the good with the bad over the fact that we don’t have evos, plus it was around this time last year that we got the end game evos to make old cards worth it so maybe it’s possible that this year we will get an evo update at what they feel is end game again

Yeah I’m kind of jealous of NMS players this year.

I mean, I just put together a full DM team of nothing but Reward cards.

And that doesn’t even include some really good cards for under 10K like Batum for example.

I love all the budget content coming out, guys can build a great team for only spending like a week on the game. I’m hoping that evos return solely to give me an incentive to grind the game bc Level 40 rewards don’t entice me anymore, and I only really play Limited and TT constantly.