My new least favourite thing of my team

Running against people who use zone defense the whole game and are good at it. It mitigates five out AND PLAYS. and screws with people’s ability to set picks. When done right its so over powered

Well then my opponent shouldn’t 5 out. I have been quite effective with the zone. But it does have its weaknesses of course.

Run horns, space the floor and swing the ball between the elbow and the corner. You’ll either have an open corner three or someone alone on the elbow

The only time any zone has affected me was when A) I try to turbo to the rim or B) My guys are moving so slow/ not moving at all (EQ?).

Most of the time it doesn’t work, off-ballers are more annoying to play because some have gotten really good at it + I’m not the best at running plays to counter.

Off-Balling ALL GAME (every now and then is fine but all game?), double-team spamming, my guys running out of bounds or not running at all, every jumper for me is late (forcing me to drive and hope for the best) and post-moves getting “blocked” or stripped, or just missing wide-open lay-ups/ hooks are what annoy me.

Collapse the zone like real life

The zone is beaten by of the first thing we learn in basketball trainings

Collapse see if there is help, open shot to the teammate the help came off of

Also look for mismatches

I sucked bad last year at iso, but I’ve gotten pretty good with it this year , in a situation where I can go 1on1 I’ll win