My new favorite college player

Announcer dude, what u mean come on, fuck outta here, you play til the whistle, why was the Kansas player even trying to block the dunk, I don’t see nothing wrong with what dude did


This is incredible

Galaxy Opal Papas with HOF Garbage Time incoming

All 99 attributes any team his team is down 20 or more


I don’t mind it but it’s petty. Take your loss like a man. Game is over and he is running out the clock. Ita still funny tho

That guy looks mad. Too mad

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He did take the lost, with 2 more points, lol it’s not like he Myles Garrett the dude, lol, probably too soon

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You know that dude is still mad. I can’t be mad at him but you gotta bottle that up and not show it

It’s weakness + immature

They shit is funny tho!

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Need more of this too much soft shit in sports today.

Do it when he actually dribbling tho…

That’s so trash Haha what a bum

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Hahah I love it. He’s so heated after the dunk

I dunno man this shit pretty soft lol

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OP’s second fave player


It’s funny to me because they’re down by so much. Had they been up i would’ve thought it was a dog act


The amount they are down is crazy for that moment.

I mean…

Those boys got perfectly doubled up at 55-110.

They were down by a Double Nickel, lol.

Poor Kid felt that L in his gut. Probably never had a loss that bad in his life.

He clearly has a lot of heart and a zippy little attitude…

But he had a total fucking Rudy moment just at the complete wrong stage.

I’m still laughing watching it one more time.


Yep… He is still mad about it.

One of his teammates actually told him to let it go.

Mad Boy got more pissed and put him in a mean headlock.

Turns out… it wasn’t a headlock, it was the Million Dollar Dream.

He Slept Him - Ted DiBiase Style.

Don’t mess with the angry faced man.


Let’s goo boy.

Fuck it down 50. Time to get stupid.

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LOL much respect for Ted Dibiase reference

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