My NBA Playoff Predictions 1/3 through the year

I will start in the East, and will go through the 1-8 seeds and then go through each round.

1 seed. The Brooklyn Nets.

This team is the best in the league if they get a center, the offensive attack is insane and if they get a defense (which I think they can) they can win the title.

2 seed. The Philadelphia 76ers.

They have the MVP 1/3 through the year, what else should I say. Ben Simmons is a great defender but sadly, his scoring isn’t the greatest. They have some snipers and guys who can turn up and score 30 any game.

3 seed. The Toronto Raptors.

My underdog in the East. Any given night Boucher is their best player, Lowry is a solid veteran, Vanvleet is a solid option and Siakam is a little underwhelming but it’s still Siakam.
They have a shot for this spot.

4 seed. The Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis is Giannis. Jrue Holiday is working out for them, and Khris Middleton is a great 2nd option. This team is, ok. Not bad but I think they should (and COULD) be better. Lets see how they do the rest of the year.

5 seed. The Charlotte Hornets.

This team is one of my favorite other than the Thunder, the commentators are amazing and the team is great as well. Lamelo is proving the doubters wrong, Terry is better than Kemba and Gordon Hayward is a great sign. Just an amazing team.

6 seed. New York Knicks.

This is the best Knicks team since Melo, Julius Randle should be an All-Star and Mitchell Robinson is a defensive beast. Quickley is one of the best rookies in the league, and Rivers was a great pickup for them. A big take here but I think it could happen.

7 seed. The Indiana Pacers.

Sabonis has had a great year so far, Warren isn’t bubble Warren but still good and hopefully when Caris Levert comes back he can propel this team. I don’t know much about this team but on paper they look good.

8 seed. The Washington Wizards

This may shock you. I think that when Westbrook finds his groove, this team can go far. Bradley Beal is having the best year of his career and they are on a bit of a win streak right now and hopefully they can keep it up. They don’t have great depth and that may hurt them.

Some of you may be asking “Where’s the Celtics?” and I did not forget them. I think that they will have an injury or something and that will derail this team and they will miss the playoffs. If they don’t have an injury than they might just fall off.

Western Conference

1 seed. The Los Angeles Lakers

I think that there are problems with this team but they will pull through and get this 1 seed. AD is not right but hopefully he will come back and wreck havoc. Lebron’s Lebron and he will do great. The depth on this team is great, Schroder, Caruso and Harell are great.

2 seed. The Utah Jazz

I have no idea how this team is this good. Donovan Mitchell isn’t a MVP candidate but they’re still the best in the NBA. Gobert is a great defender and Mike Conley is 6MOY 1000%. I do have this team falling off a bit, and not by much. Just a few losses in a row.

3 seed. Los Angeles Clippers.

Paul George is doing his normal, 2nd year greatness in a new place, and Kawhi is Kawhi. He’s having a great season on both sides of the ball. The depth isn’t there this year, sadly. Harrell being gone is hurting them bad, they really aren’t the best in my opinion but I’m not betting against them.

4 seed. San Antonio Spurs

Love this team, Demar is having his best season since Toronto and Aldrige is on his Last Rodeo Tour and their collection of young bucks are all talented and have a bright future. I have no idea how you root against this team.

5 seed. Phoenix Suns.

Chris Paul is my favorite player ever. Period. His leadership on any team is great and he can put solid stats in as well. Booker is playing his role on this team perfectly and Ayton is proving he’s not a bust. They have a real shot.

6 seed. Denver Nuggets

I think Jokic can come back and get this MVP from Embiid and he is playing out of his mind right now and it can get better. Murray is showing signs of greatness and Porter Jr. is a great young talent. I really like Hampton and I think he has potential.

7 seed. Oklahoma City Thunder.

I might have a little bias with this one but think about it. The Thunder are 3.5 out of the playoffs and they can get hot like the Jazz, and SGA is playing out of his mind. Big Chocolate Milkman is a sniper and Dort can lock down the best of em.

8 seed. The Play-In will happen between the Grizzlies and Trail Blazers again. Grizz win.

I know the Trail Blazers are the 5 seed right now but I don’t have faith.
Ja Morant is a great talent along with JJJ and Jonas is a solid leader. This team can catch a stride and make the playoffs. Grayson Allen has found a team :unamused:

Thanks @11wakawaka for the inspiration!

Edit: I’ve had a break, time to do the games.

Eastern Conference

Wizards at Nets.
Nets in 5
Pacers at 76ers
76ers in 7

Knicks at Raptors
Raptors in 6

Hornets at Bucks
Bucks in 7

76ers at Nets
Nets in 7

Bucks at Raptors
Bucks in 5

Nets at Bucks
Nets in 6
the nets are the Eastern Conference champs

Western Conference

Grizzlies at Lakers
Lakers in 4

Thunder at Jazz
Jazz in 7 :cry:


Nuggets at Clippers
Nuggets in 6

Suns at Spurs
Suns in 5

Suns at Lakers
Lakers in 6

Nuggets at Jazz
Nuggets in 7

Nuggets at Lakers
Nuggets in 7

Nuggets are the Western Conference Champs

The 2021 NBA Finals

Nuggets at Nets
Nets in 6
And the Brooklyn Nets are MY 2021 NBA champs.


5 charlotte
6 knicks
8 wizards

Lmao thats the worst take ive ever seen. Im not even bothering reading through west.
No blazers and no warriors


I explained myself, also this is my opinion.



I like you on this site but that is unacceptable

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I don’t have faith. I honestly don’t have faith that the Celtics make the playoffs. I might be wrong but that’s just my opinion

How do you have more faith in the wizards and hornets than the Celtics who made the ecf last year

Kemba is a shell of what he used to be, Tatum and Brown are great but they have nothing else.
One injury within those 2 derails the whole team

You know Westbrook is injury prone too right

Saying Brown and Tatum are solid is… kind of special phrasing.



some questionable takes on this list, but it’s your opinion

i think the celtics make it and the knicks or hornets don’t

also don’t see the thunder in it unless they win the play in

Do you guys like the Nets winning? I think some people would be mad with the Nuggets in the Finals as well. What are your opinions?

The hornets will make the playoffs because of the commentators. Interesting take.

Vanvleet and siakam are better for sure

A little?

Who the frick is this…:rofl:

It’s your list, your opinion.

I feel that the Warriors can make it, but sadly, I’m not sure if they’ll get far, I’m surprised you got the Wizards at 8, I think Dame and Portland have a bit of a better chance than Memphis, San Antonio might not get that high of a seed (maybe 6-8), PG might turn into Pandemic P (if he does, believe the memes will be ready lmao), Spida is an MVP candidate in my opinion, but he never gets put in the top 5, and I have a little more faith in Boston or Miami making it than Indiana or Washington.

Just my takes on it.

Also, we better not be getting Nets-Nuggets or Nets-Clippers in the Finals. I will NOT watch that. Lakers-Nets, Lakers-Bucks, Lakers-76ers, Warriors-Nets (bit of a stretch), etc. I would watch.


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Nets look like the favourites now, don’t see nuggets beating the clippers 2 years in a row.

Fun list, bet your thoughts on those teams will change 10 times from now till playoffs. Celtics definitely a playoff team

oh my god get off my guys ass. he spent time on this list and has stated multiple times that it is his opinion, but because _____ isnt there or _____ is there complaining ensues.


I think it’s ensues.

But I agree.

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Okay I’m sorry my fan-ness got the best of me

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not you i mean others like mano