My lineup from Thursday vs tonight

Thursday night:

Saturday night:

Will all be worthless in 2 months :joy: but I’m going out in style


Good for you man

Glad you like it

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F in the chat for JR Smith


Dude JR was amazing all year but GO Tmac is like JR on roids

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his release is nice? best part of jr is that release imo

Lebron> giannis goh

Who do you prefer AD or KG? I just picked up AD and he solid, just wondering what KG offers

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They are similar! KG feels smoother. Both are amazing PF’s

Tmac’s is slower and easier to green IMO

JR’s is base 8 or something, fast but not as easy as as base 11

Only thing that I see wrong is GO Giannis not being in the first unit.

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Hey man he would get lost scoring wise in that 1st squad!!