My League Online (Sim / PS4)

We’re starting League 1 Season 1 of our My League Online with the fantasy draft this weekend. This is our 3rd year running organized and fun MLOs. There is currently 1 spot available, so if interested please let me know ASAP. Any competition level is welcome, but you must be willing to follow the sim-oriented gameplay rules and you must be active (min 5 games per week). This league is for users who want a slower, sim-oriented and realistic NBA gaming experience.

If interested, DM me.

League Overview
• Well-organized Discord server
• Active and competitive league
• 58 games per season; best of 3 playoffs
• HOF Custom Sliders / 6 minute quarters
• Unique Upgrade and Rewards System
• Customized progression & regression sliders

Gameplay & Rules
• On-Ball Def required / No Zone Defense
• Position restrictions
• Must run plays/freelances majority of game
• No Spamming! No spamming 1 play, move, player or paint
• Fast Break Rules to limit fast breaks

Bump. Who wants a sim oriented 2k experience this year? Draft begins tomorrow.

What time is your draft? Do you have 30 people or are some teams cpu

We’re doing an offline draft, it’s starting Thursday (later today). We have 30 people right now, but usually one or two drop out last minute for whatever reasons so we’e building a wait list as well.

Sounds awesome man, would love to try it out if I had 2k21. Probably a lot more fun than MyTeam.

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One more bump. Draft has started. Looking for 1 or 2 guys who can become good long-term league members and want a more sim-oriented 2k experience.

And did I mention…the entire game mode is free?! No Money Spent.

Bump. Middle of Season 1. If you want to play in our MLO, let me know and I will send you an invite to our Discord.