My League Online (PS4) - Draft Tonight 9pm EST

Were back and ready to kick off League 1 of our SimNation 2k20 My League Online. Fantasy draft is tomorrow at 9pm EST and 4 spots remain open. Please let me know if you’re interested in joining.

• Discord server based communication
• 58 games/season (3 seasons)
• Playoffs: Best of 3
• Playoff eligibility requires minimum games played
• HOF Sliders
• 6 minute quarters

• On-Ball Defense required (excludes brief switches for transition, PnR or sniffing out a play call)
• All players can play both primary and secondary position (if any), plus one up from their primary position (i.e. SF primary can play PF, but not vice-versa).
• No Full-court press unless trailing in 4th or down 15+; (includes in-bound cheese after a made basket and 1 man full court ball pressure)
• All-time zone is prohibited. Only allowed as a brief change of pace.
• No consecutive timeouts to replenish stamina
• Can customize team name/location/jersey/playbook. No duplicate team names or cities
• Don’t be that guy who runs his players all 24 minutes, “accidentally” auto-subs PFs at SG, spams 5 out all game or just generally plays like a cheeseball. My Team is available if that’s the experience you’re looking for.

• Randomized draft order. Online Draft. Roster Name: SimNation L1 See #roster-updates for roster details.
• We will draft the Top 6 rounds and simulate the rest.

• See #promotions and #training-camp
• No offseason HOF badge progression (any HOF badge progressions will be reverted to gold)

• 5 trades maximum per team per season
• All trades must be approved by the commissioners for fairness
• No CPU trades.

Free Agency
• All players 80 and above will be automatically re-signed (i.e. all free agents will be 79 and below)
• Each team can also choose 2 additional players to protect/re-sign


I’m down, not playing myteam this year so i’d like to get my 5v5 fix somewhere…

I think we played before too.

PSN MrBlunty.

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One of the best and worst games I played all year. Curry missed an open gamewinner layup at the buzzer and you won!

PMd you the discord link

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Oh yeah that league.

Ima need to get this Towns guy again…

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This league is so bomb


Bump…2 spots left.

I’m in

Any room left?

We did the draft last night and we’re full right now but if you’d like to come to the discord and join the wait list please let me know.

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Do you guys have any streams? Im curious to see how games look when people are playing by the rules.

LOL…it’s gonna look hilarious to you if you’re a my team person. And this is an old post…we have fast break and anti-spam rules as well now…so it’s even slower.

Here’s a game we played earlier:

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Nah its all good I will check it out tonight. Lol I was a online/offline myleague guy before myteam. I take it you cant spam square on defense either?

it’s HOF sliders and like max 1 guy per team has pick pocket so would be to your detriment.

heres full rulebook:

• 58 games/season (3 seasons) / Playoffs: Best of 3
• Min 20 games played for Playoff Eligibility (and top draft picks)
• Seeding based off 67% win %, 33% games played (win % tiebreaker)
• HOF Custom Sliders / 6 min quarters

• On-Ball Def required (excludes brief switches for transition, PnR, sniffing out play)
• No zone defense
• Positions: Primary and secondary (if any), plus one up from their primary position (i.e. SF can play PF, but PF can’t play SF).
• No Full-court press unless trailing in 4th or during a fast break (no in-bound cheese after a make, no full court ball pressure)
• Fast Break Rules: On made shots must set up half court offense. On missed shots you have 2 options: 1) if the player who gets the rebound has at least 60 ball control or speed with ball, he can dribble across half court at any speed he wants but cant pass until he crosses half court or 2) if the defensive rebounder outlets then you must set up in half court.

• No spamming any one Play (5 out, iso, PnR etc) or Player (17 FGA Max in regulation, 20 in OT) or Spamming the paint
• No consecutive timeouts to replenish stamina
• Can customize team jerseys/court, but not Nickname or Logo
• Don’t be that guy who breaks the rules or plays like a cheeseball. My Team is available for that experience!

• See #promotions and #training-camp
• Max 1 HOF badge progression per player per season (tier B or below). No HOF badge regression.
• Players ≤ 30 with ≥ B+ in relevant category won’t lose range extender or intimidator from regression

Trades & FA
• Trade Limit: 1 trade to start PLUS 1 trade per 10 games played (autodrafted owners start with 3 trades)
• All trades must be approved by commissioners; No CPU trades.
• All players 80+ overall automatically re-signed (no FA)

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Yea we stream

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BUMP! Looking for 1 or 2 community members who want to join our My League Online. Must be active and willing to learn and follow the sim rules.

ps4 or xbox?

On PS4

How do you get offseason not to freeze up

It seems to happen 10-20% of the time and I haven’t figured out what’s caused it unfortunately so don’t know if it’s random or if like DNA swaps, or some roster edits or draft classes make it more likely.

I wanna get in one 2 digitalis-tecYt