My Issue With MyTeam This Year

Without a doubt this has been one of the best NBA 2Ks in a while but I have issues with how the cards and content is based this year which makes me worry about the longevity of MyTeam this year.

Not even in a month into the game and most lineups are mostly Diamond and Amys with Pink Diamonds going to be added soon. Why would those players care about moments cards or even most Premium cards since most won’t be pass Diamond?

Another Situation is players like Lebron who start out with a Amy. It leaves less room for them to get upgraded cards which is the same reason there wasn’t a lot of moments cards in 2K16. Imagine it now, in November Curry has a crazy game and scores 40 and made 7 3s. Do 2K give us a moment card now or do they think someone like Curry can have a another better game and wait until then? This is one of the many things the 2K community loves to complain about.

If I’m looking too into this issue please correct me

Cards will be over-powered again shortly. All the big names will have a Diamond/Pink Dianond and Opal by year end. $$$$

Difference this year is defense semi works, you can’t get away with the rediculous cheese from last year.

We all know these high intangible amythests are a joke. Compare sapphire Kawhi last yr to this years amythest. We’ll get tons more content. When I discovered what intangibles meant in 2k17, this is its sole purpose. To make cards seem more diserable while leaving room for upgrades. Amythest Harden with 80 and 83 shooting ratings. What a joke haha

I think the card levels aren’t indicative of their quality. Nearly everything seems a tier off. And look at sapphire Kobe 90 offense 90 defense 85 OVR?


I was thrilled for amys on day 1 but its a scam. Ruby harden last year was miles better than this one, amy harden in 2k17 was a god. This one is trash except for when the CPU uses him in domination

Yea Amy Harden was very underwhelming. Klay is way better to me.


That saph Kobe carrys my team, he out plays every ruby and ammy i have (i don’t have KD so i can’t judge that)

There aren’t any moment cards this year I think. The heat check cards took that role so content won’t be screwed in that sense.

I think there will be moments and these heat checks will be boosted temporarily for 48hrs aka advertising

Apparently moments cards will still be a thing, just bigger moments i guess

In your case it’s because it’s Kobe. Other Sapphires don’t have stats like his.

There seems like a handful of cards where the offense/defense ratings are waaayyy above the overall, and vice versa.


Sapphire Kobe has more total stats than that Harden for sure, Klay might too

My issue this year is I feel little motivation to play online. 12-0 is too subject to random glitchiness. There’s no leaderboard really to rack up points on.

Feels empty.


I feel you on that. No way of telling where I stand through 5-6 rounds and I know I have a pretty good overall record


That’s true! Why did they get rid of leaderboards and stats?

WHO SAID BLOWBY IS GONE? just got blowby by mj on PIPPEN! wtf

I noticed that the blow by been back for a while

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I just realized there’s no way I’ll get to 12-0 between random disconnects, equalizer games, and just not having enough time to grind it out. I just play Unlimited occasionally for fun at this point. I am really enjoying Triple Threat, though, my trio of Pistol, Kobe, and Porzingis has been almost unbeatable.

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I just had a game where I somehow threw an inbound pass and it deflected off the hip of my player out of bounds. I was up 5 and then he hits a 3. After momentum swung is way (obviously after 2k fucked me on that inbound bullshit), he’s up 3 and I have the ball last possession and I miss a shot, rebound, kick to Kobe wide open, nearly perfect release and… brick. How isn’t that scripted lol?