My GM is so much more fun

Been playing my GM on HoF and it’s 10x funner than myteam. No skill-less players getting bailed out by blow-by 5 out, no off-ball double teams, and so on. Anyone else play this?

“My GM is so much more fun”**

I was waiting for the grammatical correction

What’s MyLeague like this yr?
Is it supposed to be like the old gen ‘Association’ mode??

I play MyGM every year but this year is fucking garbage. That story mode is awful. They literally programmed you to lose a great player or a draft pick for some trash ass bench player. The story is horrible. MyLeague is so much better.


I played it a lot this year. I hated the story for the first year. I ended up drafting 2 if the 3 franchise players and won 9 straight titles.

MyGM seems the exact same as last year though…maybe worth trying out one time…but the cut scenes are boring and time consuming (not unbearable like MyPlayer, but still annoying). And the rest of the mode is pretty scripted. I play a decent amount of MyLeague and think it’s great, with endless combinations/strategies/drafts to do…like it much better than MyGM

I usually play MyGM. The story was so bad this year I tried MyTeam. Don’t know if I fucked up or not lmao

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I just drafted Baldwin and singed but Snakes (Durant and Boogie) and finally Doncic in 2019 and won 10 straight champions

Yea the first year is also BS. The top 3 picks are all like 99’s in 3 years, really realistic 2k…

haha mygm my ass. they took out cutom rosters and made it wack this year. go over to operationsports and get the simworld custom rosters and sliders if youre on xbox one and do a myleague. im using the mavs and simmed the first year and we ended up with the 6th pick. doncic was the 2nd expected pick in thhe draft and the clippers had the 2nd pick so i traded up to get him like real life lol.

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Do you notice a difference with custom sliders? I just download the draft classes and I turn off that dumb stepien rule.

Mygm is so easy to dominate

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Myleague & PNO are the two best modes in 2k.

MyGM is fun the first time because you get jackson Baldwin. After that though, myleague with custom rosters >

yea man their sliders are built specifically for their rosters. in the offseason, demarcus cousins signed with l.a