My girls dog

Her puppy has tears coming out of her eyes which stains under his eyes. Im kinda worried about the puppy. Is this normal? And is there anyway to fix it? I googled it and some website says its permanent.


Nah the dog’s fucked. You should give it to me


Yeah it’s common most likely permanent unless you can trim the hair under the eyes if they’re long. Vet should take care of it though.

For get the dog the tourneys on dude!

Fixed it for you

My miniature schuzer have the same problem probably dog has allergies i know my breeds does. Which make them tear up alot.

It’s normal. Just clean the dogs face often.

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As fucked up as I am. This is inappropriate.


Oh naww never!

Dogs > most humans


Is that a husky pup? It’s adorable.

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Nah thats fine man, same thing happened to my dog as she got older

Is it actual tears or is it like slimey goop?

Chances are this is completely normal. Some breeds seem to be more prone to this. Cleaning the area regularly should definitely help. Next time you take her to the vet mention it to them to ease your mind.

Dog is adorable by the way!

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Its actually a shiba inu. Its a breed from japan.


Lol thats the meme dog. Cute as hell. It seems kinda normal but Id take it to a vet just in case.

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Same dog?

Sadly I think doge has died recently :pensive:

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I invested in dogecoin like an idiot


How could you resist that face though

That big, beautiful, fat face

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Do you think a new dog would get along with 2 cats? Been thinking about getting a dog