My Fellow Knicks Fans

We’ve suffered long enough this is our off season, New York basketball will be making its long awaited return soon and today may be the beginning of it. No longer will we be the laughing stock of the league.


Good luck

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Not a Knicks fan, but I think it’s much more fun with the Knicks in the Playoffs.


Theres nothing louder than MSG during the playoffs


I couldn’t be more nervous for an offseason. Hoping we really make some moves.

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Your absolutely right, that title belongs to the Hornets now

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If we manage to get big name free agent then I’ll say it was a success

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Hope you get Shaq’s son in future

Terry Rozier will save your franchise

You trolling or are you serious?

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If he couldn’t do it for yours then I doubt that

It’s the Knicks time, it’s been too long

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I’m at the point where if we just use our cap space to take on big short term deals to get more picks, and/or avoid signing anyone not named KD/Kawhi, I’m good.

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Imo the Knicks biggest move has already been made. It was the signing of RJ Barret. Only thing they can do is hope RJ, Knox, Mitchell, DSJ and others improve drastically this year because there isn’t a big name free agent other than KD that is rumored to want to play for the Knicks. Kyrie is about to sign with the nets, Klay Warriors, Kemba Celtics, Kawhi LA or toronto… that leaves NY with KD, Butler, Demarcus Cousins… KD is definitely worth the max and I think NY actually has a shot to get him. Jimmy Butler would lead Knicks to mediocrity for another 5 years. Demarcus would ruin NY forever. So you hope Ny doesn’t sign any of these players.

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Best case scenario imo is sign Durant and tank this year. Grab a top pick and then make trades and signings next offseason

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KD and Kawhi are coming to the Knicks

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I don’t think kawhi wants to punt a season in his prime while he still has some GOAT equity

Winning the off season won’t fix the Knicks. KD won’t play next year so getting him and Kawhi doesn’t seem likely. The Knicks need to stick to the youth movement and continue to grow


Don’t think so.

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I’ve been fooled too many times. We aren’t getting shit