My favorite budget card in 2K19

Sapphire Paul George. This card is goated. The 74 open 3 is a lie. That man is so cheese with his gold limitless range it isn’t fair. Come up, quick crossover, stepback, shoot, money. He dunks on people, speed boosts, it’s just, uguhgughghguh

Fav Budget Card: Manu.


Manu is a pretty nice budget card :joy::joy::joy:

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My favorite budget card thus far is Limited PD KAJ


You must be pretty loaded to consider that a budget card

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Best budget is Di Klay imo

It was between Limited PD KAJ or GO Wilt…

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Ruby Miles

Ruby or Emerald Mo Pete. Take your pick.


Ruby Klay, Sapphire Raef, and Ruby Darius Miles

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Ruby GForce, Ruby Porzingis.

Ruby Miles is legit


is Ruby Mo Pete 15k+? I looked at him, iffy about grabing him

Not sure right now. I picked him up a while back for 10k-12k I think.

Ruby MJ is money.

Ruby miles, ruby klay

Favorite Budget Card : Bronze Isaac Bonga

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It’s between Ruby MJ and Larry Bird…crazy how no matter the tier or stats their cards are always beast.


he is worth even more imo… !

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I agree with this. I play him over diamonds and amys that I have.