My End Game Line up

Basically built this around my favorite players and a few duos that I’m hoping for a few more duos (Magic and Worthy)

Looks good to me.

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I’m currently being sub glitched for the first time ever haha what thebhell do I do

Record it and send it to 2k. He should get banned.

Subglitched in preseason? Lmao wtf

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Yup this mother fucker has everyone in the game too and is getting his ass handed to him by 20 points…he’s currently sub glitching me. Just reported him too

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try to wait it out, thats wat i did and it worked. Also send a pic and try to video it

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His gamertag is:
Mar Lugo A

Xbox one btw

That’s what I’m saying!!

Nice squad

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Nice lineup but damn, benching Hakeem is a sin. Best center in the game, I wish I had him.

He’s the best center at everything except rebounding

I rotate him depending on my opponent…I like to have reliable players off my bench so having a PD Hakeem throws my opponent off a bit haha


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