My eBay listing

Hi, I’m currently selling my Nintendo 3DS collection and I’m putting it here for any collectors or people who are curious to see how much it goes for. It ends in a week as it is on Auction.

Crazy thing is, I just saw people selling similar items like me and they went for a ton.

I’m selling it for a Nintendo Switch Lite, so pray for me, people :blush:

I’ll post results when I can

The item ended at $325, but of course, the buyer wasted my time and everybody else’s time and said he wants to cancel the order. I’ll relist it again and see how it goes.

In these situations can you give bad review to the buyer that will minimize his ability to bid on future auction in the short term or long term ?if not, that’s a really flawed system

You’re not able to give a buyer a bad review. You’re only allowed to give 5 star reviews