My content drop prediction

Today: Jordan
Tomorrow: TB Elites
Friday: Signature

Let’s face it, they are not working Monday or Tuesday. This gives them plenty of enticing packs to spend on during Christmas. They could even extend the time the packs are live more than usual.

Also sounds like there will be some other way to get older anniversary players, my bet is some kind of super pack, or moments challenge that gives one.

With the CP3 hint yesterday and 2k basically not working next week I think they will crank out content between now and Friday.


Anni packs today
Elites tomorrow


Jordan is for sure Friday

They won’t drop an anticipated player at the middle of the week

This is a hunch, I could be wrong. I think we’re getting something else so there’s lots of content before next week when they’re not working.

I don’t think they release two huge money makers during one week. I can’t ever recall them doing that. It would be a better business move to release the Jordan packs first, let those sit for a week, and then pull out some signature series packs afterwards.

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I think you’re right on the post order. I wonder if they’ll drop an AMY Rockets TMac, because if they drop a diamond, the market is going to explode.
I’m just hoping they sneak a Diamond or AMY Pippen alongside Jordan so I can continue running PG at the 2.