My best snipe ever

I’m sure others have got better ones but I’m kinda proud of this one. Especially since I’m trying to get the last 30 cards to earn webber right now


Lol so what’s the snipe?

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Need the deets

Nice man, I got him for 850 when I was going for AK, had no idea unti I sold back.

Solid 11k right there

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Sorry. So excited forgot to put photo lol

Ahh I’ve played you a few times in TTO.

You’re annoying to play =/ lol

Lol. I must have won then lmao

Most times, it was mostly when I was starting out. I got you once, but you were running all bigs.

I’ll make sure to shoot you a message next time!

U on xb1? That name looks familiar


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this earlier one but sidnt sell for as muchmuch as I would of like

The best part of completing my HC collection was sniping those cards.

Thankfully I’m done with that.

mu favorite. Did you resell after webber?

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