My app keeps crashing

7 times in a row but only when I try to play unlimited. Any ideas why?

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Probably because you PINNED an agenda?

That would cause it to crash?

Yeah try to unpin it.

My record was 35-4. Now I lost 8 in a row bc my app crashed

Damn. Did it work?

No it didn’t

I’ve played 500 some games and never had it crash on me like this

Damn. You tried restarting the game and or restarting the console?

I’ll restart and see if it helps

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I think there was the same issue about that here and it was because of a pinned agenda/challenge.

Restated ps4 and it still gave ne the same error

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I changed my lineup but I didn’t touch an agenda

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now i don’t know what causes it.

Same bro, it freezes at the match up and then the app crashes

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Did you figure out how to fix it?

Yeah i threw my Xbox out the window

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Next gen? It’s stupid but if on Xbox, do the little trick to spam the Xbox guide while loading into the game. It’s 50/50 but Idk, better than nothing lol.


Damn i imagine you throwing it from the 12th Floor.


What does it say, does it have an error ?