My Amethyst Lebron (bought from auction) all the sudden has a limited ring

I haven’t been into myteam this year really at all. This actually may be it for me. Anyways, I logged in just to enter in some locker codes and was avout to throw LbJ on the AH then noticed he has a limited ring that he didn’t have before. None of the ah lebron’s have one, stupid question but what am I missing? Why all the sudden.

He is eligible to play for MyTeam Limited

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Cards on the AH have no rings, never

And your LeBron has a ring because he fits Limited’s rules this week-end


I get that, but none have the rings in the AH, so 2k has made hidden eligible players?

Oh ok, so he’s not special, it’s just the event? All AH LeBron cards are eligibe then?

Rings have never shown on the eligible cards in the AH.

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Weird! Never noticed haven’t really been into myteam this year. I started learning the shot stick, and they nerfed it, so I was like why am I wasting my time perfecting stuff they keep nerfing. Kind of over it. So I’m not really feeling it.

Just noticed Harden is too, just bought him.

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It’s any player that has won a postseason NBA Award in their career this weekend, so any MVP, 6MotY, MIP, DPotY, etc.


Is 2k posting this info?

Ok i see it now, thanks for the info.

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