My All-time Celtics lineup

What do you think guys?


Only person you’re missing is the shimmy gawd


You on Xbox? I’d love a grudge match with my Sixers squad, maybe Doc and Bird can throw some punches for old time’s sake.

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Antoine Walker btw

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no real center is why i use shaq on mine

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Great looking lineup…except for Kyrie, he doesn’t deserve to be on there


I’m on PS4 :confused:
@Eddysbg I know man. I’m missing 3 guys: Jojo White, Scalabrine and Walker. Will get them.

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Maybe I will replace him with Jojo White when I get him. BTW I agree with you.

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I have a similar one but i use diamond Rondo instead of PD rondo. And i use Reggie Lewis instead of IT.

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Jojo White lowkey nice

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I am still waiting for a good Bob Cousy though.

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The Amy a beast

Yes, he is good but he is deserving of a much better card.

wth is Amy Robert Parish?

Wheres the goat Scalabrine?

Parish isn’t strong enough imo compared to McHale, KG, Russell, Cowens.
Scalabrine won’t touch my alltime celtics :joy::joy::joy:

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Cousy Pierce Bird KG Russell
JoJo Hondo Reggie Cowens McHale

I wanna do that lineup when opal Russell/Cousy drop even tho the little guys will get slaughtered

I’ll do the same. But I have to use Tatum. His card is just way too good. I would also like a better Sam Jones, an auctionable KC Jones and a better Celtics logo Dennis Johnson.

Id use Tatum over Reggie just for fun. I dont think those other guys will get new cards tho

I doubt it too.